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The Performance Appraisal process provides a mechanism for employees to contribute to the achievement of UMKC’s vision and organizational objectives. It facilitates communication between employees and their immediate supervisor by providing a structure for feedback on performance. We are committed to the success of the process in order to:

  • Fully develop employee potential and improve communication relating to performance.
  •  Provide a method to reward employees on a merit basis (Based on overall budget considerations).
  •  Improve productivity and the performance of the University.
  • Reinforce UMKC’s mission, value and culture.

 myPerformance is a tool that helps enrich your annual performance appraisal and keep track of your performance year-round.  In the Resources section, you will find helpful materials such as an outline of the performance appraisal process, training courses to develop your performance management skills, and tips to assist you with setting performance goals.

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Effective feedback fosters an environment of open communication and trust. Employees benefit from feedback by knowing what is expected. It is important that feedback is ongoing and occur more than one time a year during the required performance appraisal.


The purpose of a coaching meeting occurs where performance is not what it should be. The focus of the coaching session is to determine what needs to be done to help the employee improve performance or correct inappropriate workplace behaviors.

The supervisor (i.e. the coach) and the employee map out plan of action. The employee implements the plan. The supervisor monitors the process--recognizing success and offering constructive feedback if the performance is still lagging where it should be. A good tool for coaching employees when they are having some performance problems is the performance improvement plan.


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