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Diversity-Related Performance Goals

UMKC is committed to the values of cultural diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a result of the UMKC strategic plan, theme number five (Embracing Diversity) and UMKC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are recommending for supervisors to work with their employees to establish a diversity-related performance objective for the upcoming performance appraisal period.

Examples Include:
  • Attending multi-cultural events on campus throughout the year in support of diversity.
  • Attending presentations related to multi-generational workforce and/or cultural competencies.
  • Participating/Utilizing online diversity and inclusion-related resources through mylearn.
  • Participate in unit planning and implementation of goals, activities and programs advancing the unit's diversity goals.
  • Pursue community engagement opportunities through groups such as: the UMKC staff council.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity by participating and/or assisting with diversity related events such as: the annual UMKC Women of Color Conference and the Walk a Mile in her shoes walk.

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