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Employee Relations | Documentation Tips and Examples of Behavior

Documentation Tips and Examples of Behavior

Documentation tips:

  • Write succinct summary statements that describe accomplishments.
  • Describe the individual’s performance results; identify as many strengths and achievements as possible.
  • Indicate where and how results were met, exceeded, or fell short of desired outcomes; identify key areas where performance could be improved.
  • Ensure descriptions are specific rather than general.
  • Ensure descriptions are factual and verifiable.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and provide explanations and examples, in addition to suggestions for improvement.

Examples of behaviors:

  • Expresses thought clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  • Demonstrates active listening skills
  • Readily shares knowledge and information
  • Asks questions and offers input in a constructive manner
  • Excels in dealing with the public
  • Makes a strong impact when presenting
Customer Service
  • Maintains an approachable demeanor; creating a pleasant and welcoming environment
  • Respects opinions of others
  • Promptly responds to requests
  • Understands the importance of and how to get along with internal and external customers and demonstrates a concern for their priorities
  • Seeks creative solutions
  • Conveys a positive personal image
  • Promotes relationships of trust and respect
  • Reaches out to be helpful
  • Treats people with respect and courtesy; regardless of their level in the organization
  • Values diverse backgrounds and perspectives of other by seeking input; fosters open dialogue
  • Shares success
  • Works effectively with others
  • Is able to give and get cooperation in a manner that both solves problems and creates goodwill
  • Uses positive reinforcement to motivate
  • Handles sensitive situations with confidence; is tactful in conflict situations
  • Consistently recognizes the importance of quality
  • Displays pride in work
  • Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness and orderliness in performing work assignments
  • Is committed to excellence; encourages employees to be alert for errors
Core Organizational/Business Skills
  • Completes assigned tasks and seeks additional work
  • Is orderly and systematic
  • Organizes work well
  • Accurately assesses length and difficulty of assignments and allocates own time accordingly
  • Prioritizes activities giving appropriate weight to individual and department goals
  • Anticipates obstacles and develops contingency plans
  • Asks good questions and probes to gain a solid understanding; assesses consequences of actions
  • Considers new approaches to recurrent problems
Job Knowledge/Technical Proficiency
  • Clearly understands purposes, objectives, practices and procedures of department
  • Thoroughly understands all aspects of job
  • Shares knowledge for the benefit of co-workers
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the field
  • Engages in continuous self-learning
  • Displays industriousness, conscientiousness and diligence in performing tasks
  • Displays a strong personal commitment to successfully completing all projects
  • Is always prepared
  • Can be trusted to provide support
  • Utilizes all available resources to achieve results
  • Closely follows all safety regulations
  • Accepts constructive criticism
  • Serves as a positive role model to staff


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