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Employee Relations | FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the performance year?

  • The performance year runs from June 1 through May 31 of the following year.
  • Annual employee performance appraisal meetings should be conducted by Aug. 31. Variations of time frame must be approved by the assistant vice chancellor or Human Resources or designee.

Can an exception be made regarding completion of an appraisal during the recommended time frame?
Individual exceptions for extenuating circumstances (such as an extended illness) may be granted by the appropriate dean, vice chancellor or designee.

May I use a different performance appraisal form than the one recommended?
Alternate performance appraisal forms must be approved by the assistant vice chancellor of Human Resources or designee, prior to their use.

What happens if an employee receives a rating below 3.0 cumulative?

A rating below 3.0 indicates that the individual’s performance needs improvement in one or more performance factors. A performance plan addressing the factor(s) should be developed. Addressing performance concerns within the performance appraisal document may be considered as a document in a disciplinary action.

I am a new supervisor with a number of employees reporting to me. The previous supervisor is not available and did not provide me with feedback on the employee’s performance. What do I do regarding this year’s performance appraisal?
A performance appraisal is still important and necessary for each of your employees. Contact others that have worked with your employees to obtain feedback and ask the employees to submit a list of significant accomplishments during the review period that may be incorporated into the evaluation. Discuss the reviews with your manager and focus this year’s reviews on setting objectives for the upcoming year. Add comments indicating the amount of time that you have supervised the employee.

Do I need to complete a performance appraisal for part-time employees?

It is recommended that performance appraisals be completed for all part-time employees (50 percent or greater) who have been continuously employed for at least six months as of Aug. 31.

Are part-time employees eligible for a merit increase?

Yes, all exempt and non-exempt, regular and non-regular employees are eligible for annual merit increases except for the following:

  • Employees on leave other than FMLA and Military
  • Employees in student titles
  • Employees on probationary status
  • Temporary employees

One of my employees is on leave. When should I complete the performance appraisal?

The appraisal should be completed within 60 days of their return from a leave of absence.

My employee transferred from another department. She has only been in my department for two months. Who should complete her performance appraisal?
The employee’s current manager is responsible for her review, however it is recommended that you collaborate with her previous manager. The prior manager should provide input from the time he/she supervised the employee. If the employee was promoted into your department (and will not be receiving a merit increase), it may be beneficial to conduct a probationary review and establish objectives for the upcoming review period.

Is an employee in probationary status eligible for an annual merit increase?

  • Based on the recommended performance appraisal timeline, employees hired prior to March 1 (employed for six months by August) would be eligible for a merit increase.
  • When making an employment offer to applicants who will be hired after March 1, managers should take into consideration that these individuals will not receive an annual merit increase in that calendar year (Sept. 1).

Are employees required to complete an employee self-appraisal?
Employees should have an opportunity to provide input even if they do not complete every item on the form. Strongly encourage staff to complete it and indicate that it is a critical element to our appraisal process. Completed self-appraisals are maintained in the employee file along with the completed performance appraisal document.

What do I do if an employee refuses to sign the performance appraisal document?

Inform the employee that their signature indicates that the document has been reviewed with them and does not indicate whether or not they agree with the review.

Do employees receive a copy of the completed performance appraisal?
Yes, employees should receive a copy of the final document.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Human Resources and ask to speak with someone in employee relations.

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