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Preparing and Conducting the Appraisal

  1. Set a date and time in advance that is mutually convenient for you and your employee. Allow enough time for each of you to do preparation. Schedule a private room where you will not have any interruptions. Out of the immediate office in a conference room is a good choice. Schedule an hour to an hour and a half for the meeting.
  2. Inform your employee to bring the completed Employee Self-Appraisal Form to the Performance Appraisal Interview.
  3. Gather the following:
    • Job description and previous objectives established
    • Documentation notes, emails, etc.
    • Feedback from co-workers/customers
    • Letters of commendation
    • Current disciplinary documents
    • The previous appraisal
    • Anything else relevant to the individual’s performance
  4. Outline of an effective meeting:
    • Explain the goals of the meeting
    • Encourage dialogue
    • Discuss the significant achievements of the employee
    • Review goals and standards
    • Discuss unsatisfactory performance
    • Review future goals and objectives
    • Mutually discuss development and training plans
    • Listen actively
    • No surprises
    • Close properly and end on an upbeat note
  5. When conducting the interview:
    • Create a positive environment and help the employee feel at ease
    • Give balance feedback, both positive and negative, however start with the positive
    • Focus on the job, not the person
    • Ask questions and allow the employee to provide feedback
    • When discussing areas of improvement, discuss methods and invite employee response and input
    • Keep the interview on track
    • Specifically describe the behavior or activity that you want
  6. Concluding the interview:
    • Summarize and review the important points of the discussion
    • Restate the action steps that have been recommended and provide a time table
    • Make sure the employee reviews the appraisal and has an opportunity to provide comments
    • Have the employee sign the appraisal form to acknowledge that he or she has read it (this does not signify that they agree with the content)
    • Provide the employee a copy, retain a copy for your files and send the original document along with the self-appraisal to Human Resources within one week of conducting the interview
  7. Follow-up:
    • Follow-up with the employee to check how they are proceeding within the given time frames
    • Offer the employee assistance in achieving the objectives and encourage on-going discussion
    • Review the objectives periodically during the review period to make necessary change

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