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Change My Name?


This applies only to employment records. If you are a student and an employee, receiving pay through the payroll system, you will need to change your name with both Human Resources and Student Registration. Click here for information on changing this information with Student Records.

Examples of reasons to request a change in name include marriage, divorce, legal name change or to correct a spelling error.

In order to change your name, you will need to provide your department's HR/payroll contact person with a copy of your Social Security card that reflects the current name. The name on your Social Security record should match exactly the name under which the University reports your earnings. Your departmental HR contact will then be able to process a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to reflect the name change.

Keep in mind that the same situations that necessitate your name change may affect your tax status. You may want to contact HR to amend your tax status at the same time.