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Time Reporter (Employee) MON - Salaried - Q & A

Q: Do I have to submit a timesheet even though I don’t have any absences to report for this time period?

A: No, you only have to submit a timesheet if you have absences to report. Remember, only employees who are enrolled in University Recognized Vacation/Sick/Personal Day plan are able to report paid absences through Time and Labor.

Q: What do I do if I have already submitted my timesheet and need to make a change?

A: If the time period has not closed, access your timesheet through myHR, make the necessary change, and resubmit. Note: If you are changing a TRC, it is must first delete the row and add a new row with the correct information. If the time period has closed, contact your unit TimeKeeper to request a change.

Q: Why did only one week's worth of time submit?

A: HR recommends to view "Time Period" if that is a listed option. If you choose to view by week and then submit the timesheet, any time saved in a previous or subsequent week will not be submitted. Only time showing will be submitted.

Q: When I submit a timesheet, why are my leave balance totals not updated on the Leave Balances pages in myHR (Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Leave Balances)?

A: The leave balance totals will update under Payroll and Compensation once the leave accrual process is run and final pay is confirmed.

Q: How do I view what was entered for previous time periods?

A: In myHR use the Time and Labor Launch Pad. Navigation: Self Service>Time Reporting>View Time>Time and Labor Launch Pad.

Q: What is the Customize Page link and can I use it?

A: The Customize Page link is used to save certain settings within myHR and PeopleSoft. Do not use the Customize Page options as it will cause errors within Time and Labor.

Q: My HRF says I need to submit my time by a certain date, but I can still enter time through the end of the month. Why?

A: In order to process monthly payroll so that the deposit is available on the last working day, payroll finalizes before the end of the month. If you submit time in the same month, and payroll has already confirmed, that time will not process until the next month. Consult your department HRF for your departmental practices.

Q: Can I report future schedule paid time off now?

A: Yes. While you cannot change past data after the pay period ends, you may enter time for up to 60 days in the future.

Q: Can I see if my submitted time has been changed?

A: Your supervisor or HRF should always discuss andy changes with you. You may view your payable time using myHR by clicking on Self Service>Time Reporting>View Time>Payable Time Detail. If you have questions about the payable time displayed, your should contact the HRF for your unit.

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