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Time Approver - Q & A

Q: Can a Time Keeper also be a Time Approver?

A: Yes, a Time Keeper can also be a Time Approver as long as they are not approving time that they have entered or adjusted.

Q: How do I get my Group IDs?

A: Use the search page located at Manager Self Service > Time Management > TL Time Keeper Tasks > TL Group ID Lookup or contact the Time Keeper for your department to get your Group IDs.

Q: What is the Customize Page link and can I use it?

A: The Customize Page link is used to save certain settings within myHR and PeopleSoft. Do not use the Customize Page options as it will cause errors within Time and Labor.

Q: Why can't I report my own time in Manager Self Service

A: PeopleSoft Security prevents employees from changing their own data from the administrative level. You must use self service to report your own time worked or paid time off.

Q. Why can't I see my employee's time to approve it?

A: First, check to see that your employee has both saved and submitted the time for you to approve. Both steps are necessary. Second, contact your HRF to verify the reporting structure is accurate. Your HRF may need to work with HR to trouble shoot.

Q: I know my employee just made changes or submitted time, I can't approve, why?

A: The Time Admin Process runs to make that "new" time available for approval. This is on a schedule. For BIW employees the process runs every 30 minutes. For MON employees the process runs 4 times each day at 7:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Q: How do I issue retroactive pay for hours not paid?

A: Only time that goes through Time & Labor can be paid. You will need to enter punches for all hours missed on the Time & Labor time sheet. These hours will need to be submitted and approved as normal, and will be picked up on the next processing cycle.

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