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Time Reporter (Employee) BIW - Hourly

These employees report time worked and paid time off if eligible as defined by University policy. Student employees only report time worked. In most cases this process replaces the paper time sheet. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are reporting your time accurately and on time.

Calendars & Deadlines

For employees who have both a Monthly/salaried and another appointment which is hourly, this applies to the hours worked on the appointment that is paid hourly. However the time must be entered by 11:59 on the monthly reporter deadline on the payroll calendar.

Access & Navigation

Enter time through MyHR:

Navigation: Self Service>Time Reporting>Report Time>Timesheet


  • Enter time daily.
  • Each Period of time worked must have an In punch and an out punch.
  • People eligible for unpaid meal time must enter time for lunch then back in.
  • Step 1: Save for later
  • Step 2: Submit – this is your electronic signature. (If you do not do both steps, your supervisor can’t view to approve.)
  • When reporting Paid Time Off, you must enter a row for each unique TRC (Time Reporting Code).
  • You can only delete rows that you create.
  • You can only enter time in current and future pay periods.
  • Time must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the Saturday the Pay Period Ends.
  • You can view past time sheets but you cannot change past time sheets. Contact your approver or Time Keeper to discuss or request changes to previously submitted time.
  • Do not enter Holiday hours unless you actually work on the holiday.
  • Time reported for the day is rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour. Time for the day is totaled then rounded.
  • Overtime, compensatory and shift differential rules are programmed. The employee simply records time worked and paid time off if eligible.
  • Do not use the Customize Page features. Customizing your pages causes problems with loading time.

Viewing Payable Time

Log into MyHR:

Navigation: Self Service>Time Reporting>View Time>Payable Time Detail

  • 7 days of information is displayed by default.
  • You may change the start date and end date however the span cannot exceed 31 days.

Payroll Contacts

Cory Kinder

Human Resources Specialist II

Sheila Cheffen

Human Resources Assistant

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