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Time Keepers are typically the main contact between a unit and HR or HR Facilitator. Time keepers are responsible for ensuring the accurate verification of payable time AND that rates of pay are correct.

Only Time Keepers and Human Resources can designate Delegates for a Time Approver. Timekeepers should always consider the reporting structure of their units when advising regarding the designation of a delegate because that person will have access to confidential information and processes for all people who report to that Approver.

Time Keepers cannot approve time based upon being designated time keeper. The Time Approver must delegate the approval authority to the Time Keeper. Time Keepers cannot name themselves as a Delegated Approver in PeopleSoft. An E-mail from Dean or appropriate Executive to Carol Fitzpatrick is required.

Calendars, Deadlines & Schedules

Deadlines are posted on HR Website and typically follow this pattern:


  • Pay Period Ends on Saturday 11:59 pm.
  • Following Monday: Time Approvers must have all time approved by 5:00 pm


  • Pay period is the first through last day of month. The only time reported is paid time off.

You may approve time throughout the pay period up until the date indicated on the payroll calendar. HR recommends you approve time weekly.

The “Time Admin (Time Administration)” Process runs to make that time available for approval. This is on a schedule. For BIW employees the process runs every 30 minutes. For MON employees the process runs 4 times each day at 7:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Access & Navigation

PeopleSoft HR Production Data base:

Approve Payable Time Navigation:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>Approve Time and           Exceptions>Payable Time

Viewing and Adjusting Time using Time Sheets:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>Report Time>Timesheet

Viewing a Summary of Employee Payable Time:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>View Time>Payable Time Summary

Viewing Gross Pay:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>Approve Time and Exceptions>View           Gross Pay

Maintaining Delegates:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>TL Time Keeper Tasks>Delegate           Setup

Viewing Time Reporters in Group ID:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>TL Time Keeper Tasks>Time           Reporters in Groups

Converting OT to Compensatory Time:

     Manager Self Service>Time Management>Report Time>Timesheet


  • Make sure all personnel actions are submitted to HR at least five days prior to the effective date. Hire paperwork can be submitted any time prior to the hire.
  • Employees can access and report time on their time sheet through 11:59 on the last day of the pay period only. For monthly employees, paid time off may be reported in advance of using it as the payroll is generally finalized prior to the end of the month.
  • If you change entered time, you are to discuss or notify the employee of the change.
  • Time Keepers are able to convert Overtime to Compensatory time. The change must be approved by an appropriate supervisor after being made.
  • Time Keepers can view 60 days in the future and 30 days past the current time period.
  • Group ID is the best way to view all employees for which you are responsible.
  • Don’t use a start date when approving payable time. If one of your employees has entered time that has not been processed you may not pick it up when approving new time.
  • Don’t forget hyperlinked locations on page provide information:
    • Basic instructions at the top under “Click for Instructions”
    • Paid Time Off balances on the lower left
    • Move to the next time period at the upper right.
  • Leave balance information is updated on the fourth day of each pay period.
  • Two steps are required : Must always Save time and Submit time. If you cannot view time for someone, please confirm that the employee is performing both steps.
  • If asked by the system to check for errors, say Yes.
  • You can use the comments bubble. Please note comments can be viewed by management and should be professional. Once a comment is saved it cannot be edited.
  • Before Adjusting time, always verify that the Dates are correct.
  • Do not use the Customize Page features. Customizing your pages causes problems with loading time.
  • Any discrepancies to payroll are still reported using the Payroll Changes Form.
  • Tools that were available on WebTime are now under Web Applications under PS HR Search.
  • PAF’s are due in HR at least 5 days prior to the effective date.
  • If you are have “timesheet disappearing” access issues:
    1. Clear Browser Cache (You need to delete ALL, not just temporary files)
    2. Only have one window logged into Peoplesoft (multiple windows/instances could cause conflicts)
    3. Confirm access into HRPRD89 and not through myHR or QA or RPT
    4. Take note of browser being used (IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome) and what version
    5. Note any “Search Bars” being used on the browser, such as Yahoo! or Google.
    6. Find a PC where people are not experiencing issues and attempt to log in there.
    7. Report to the Human Resources payroll office if you have tried with no success.

Payroll Contacts

Cory Kinder

Human Resources Specialist II

Sheila Cheffen

Human Resources Assistant

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