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What to do if an employee misses a scheduled payday.

  1. The employee’s department makes a request via an On-Line Check Request Form. This form can be downloaded from the "HR Forms" or "Payroll" pages. 
  2. Human Resources payroll staff determines if the request is justified (i.e. that employee has not already received payment).
  3. Human Resources payroll staff verifies the appropriate Personnel Action Form (PAF) is approved and in the database. They will also verify that the request is for the correct amount and supported by approved documentation.
  4. The request is entered into PeopleSoft by HR payroll staff. The following are the PeopleSoft Navigation and directions for entering the request:
    • Choose "Payroll for North America"
    • Choose "Payroll Processing USA"
    • Choose "Create Online Checks"
    • Enter employee ID and specific employee record number
    • Verify account information and rate of pay matches request
    • Post hours or adjust monthly payment.
    • Press “Save and Calculate” button
  5. The request is verified for correctness, approved, and the check is confirmed to print by authorized HR representative. This is done by pressing “Confirm and Print.”
  6. Check is now available in Cashier's Office for HR representative. The check is logged into the cashier’s emergency payment book before removing check from the Cashier’s Office.
  7. Check is also logged into the online checkbook, located in the Human Resources Office.
  8. The employee and department are contacted via e-mail that check is ready for pick up in HR.
    • Employee must show a photo ID and sign for the check before it will be released to him or her.
    • If the check is not picked up within 48 hours, a second e-mail will be sent to the employee and department.
    • If the check is still not picked up within the next 48 hours, a third e-mail will be sent to the employee and department indicating that the check will be canceled if not picked up in the next 48 hours, and the department will need to process the payment on the next payroll.
  9. A $50 fee will be assessed for each online check issued.

Payroll Contacts

Cory Kinder

Human Resources Specialist II


Sheila Cheffen

Human Resources Assistant