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Payroll | When a UMKC employee has been overpaid

When a UMKC employee has been overpaid

1. The department must contact the campus payroll office immediately with all the following overpayment details:

  • Employee name
  • Empl ID 7 record number
  • Pay-period ending date
  • Amount of overpayment
  • MoCode
  • Earns code
  • Job code

2. Payroll will calculate the net overpayment and return this information to the department.

3.The department is responsible for sending a letter on department letterhead, signed by the director/department chair. The letter must be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested to the employee's local home address, notifying the employee of the overpayment (sample letter no. 1).

4. When the employee responds a copy of this letter and a completed authorization form (sample letter no. 3) must be sent to the campus payroll office. The department should keep copies of both the letter and the authorization for their files.

5. If the employee chooses to repay the overpayment by writing a personal check for the amount due, the department will need to forward the check to payroll for processing. A Cash Receipts Report (CRR) will be processed by payroll and a payroll adjustment will be processed to return the funds to the department.

6. If the employee does not respond within two weeks from the date on the first letter (sample letter no. 1), a second letter (sample letter no. 2), on department letterhead and signed by the director/department chair, should be sent to via certified mail, return receipt requested to the employee's home address, notifying them that action will be taken to deduct the gross-overpaid amount from the following pay period. A copy of this letter must be forwarded to the campus payroll office and one kept for the department file.

7. The University cannot legally withhold the amount from a future check without advance written notice (due process) to the employee of intent to withhold from their check. As stated in the letter, if the employee does not agree they owe the amount specified, they may set up an appointment to meet with the department to present their objections. The department is responsible for notifying the payroll office that a meeting has been requested and the time and location the meeting will take place.

8. If the department receives a signed authorization form from the employee, it must be sent to the campus payroll office. The department will retain the original with the payroll records and send a copy to the campus payroll office.

9. If you have any questions about this procedure, contact the campus payroll office.

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