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The employee records team supports the Human Resource department with system needs, information and guidance. We also provide timely and accurate information from our system to the appropriate decision makers on campus. When an employee applies and is hired by UMKC, there's an assumed justifiable trust placed on the University to maintain security of personal information for the protection of the rights of the individual. Our job is to make sure employee records are properly maintained and used.

Remember, your employees rely on the timely processing of paperwork. Delay in processing can result in not being able to access class lists, no access to e-mail, missing the benefit enrollment window, or being paid incorrectly or not at all. The deadlines posted are payroll deadlines.



About New Hires and Re-hires

Action/Reason Definitions

Additional Pay vs. Concurrent Job

Determining the Current Status of an Employee

Earn Codes

UMKC Student Employee FICA Checklist Information

Processing Layoffs

Records Retention Guidelines

Required Compliance Posters

Summer Earn Code Review

S & W Account Codes by Job Codes

Travel Reimbursements over 60 Days old


Employee Retirement Contribution
Employment Eligibility Verification
Employment Verification
ePAF Flow Charts
9 Month Contract Pay Calculators
Legislative Compliance
Special Earn Codes in Time & Labor



Data Definitions

Academic Disciplines Alpha by School or College

Action Reason Code Table

Earnings Codes

Job Titles by Category

Standard Hours and FTE Table

Student Job Codes and Titles






Sample Forms


Records Contacts

Carol Fitzpatrick

Human Resources Manager

Cory Kinder

Human Resources Specialist II

Courtney Daniels

Human Resources Assistant

Dedra Sanders

Human Resources Assistant

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