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About New Hires and Re-hires

New hires and re-hires are treated the same.

  • All non student hires and re-hires originate with e-Recruit. Consult the Recruitment web page to find information regarding this process.

  • Student Hires and re-hires begin with the ePAF. The unit is responsible for the first step in the process, creating an ePAF.

  • Departments are responsible for the timely origination of any action.

  • If you are unsure of the category of the job title, go to the UM Job Code Detail Web site and look up the title or job code.
  • Click on the "Details" icon and a quick summary will appear. A job code or title classified as academic will have "T&R" listed next to "Salary Plan."


Student Job Codes and Title Descriptions

Guidelines for use of student titles can be found under Compensation in the UM System Human Resources Policy Manual.

Jobcode Descr
4680 Grad Fellow – Academic
4685 Grad Instructor – Academic
4690 Grad Library Assistant – Academic
4710 Grad Assistant – Academic
4715 Grad Res Asst – Academic
4717 Grad Teaching Asst – Academic
8875 Student Research Asst – Academic
8880 Student Teaching Asst – Academic
8881 Student Asst Clerical - Admin
8882 Student Asst Clerical - Admin
8883 Student Asst Professional – Admin
8884 Student Asst Service – Admin
8885 Student Asst Technical – Admin
8886 Student Asst Farm – Admin