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Determining the Current Status of the Employee

Before you complete hiring paperwork, search the Human Resources data using the employee lookup feature provided in WebApps. You may find that you only need to process transfer paperwork if the employee already has an existing record. This is particularly important for students with multiple appointments. Don’t rely on the employee to tell you he or she has done this before.

Use the "Employee Lookup" feature to verify current employment status of any individual. Sometimes students have not notified another department that he/she is no longer working. In addition to communicating with the Human Resources Facilitator (HRF) for the department, use this tool to coordinate transfers and employment with the HRF in the other departments.

If a student employee has indicated that he or she is an international employee, you can use the standard hours information to monitor whether the international student is exceeding the 20 standard hours (50 percent FTE) limit.

To begin, log into MIS Web Applications on the UM System Web site.



  • Select PS HR Search Options
  • Click on the “Employee Lookup” link.
  • Conduct the search
  • Results display – You may view results for all Campuses and any employee in PeopleSoft HR.

Employee Lookup


Records Contacts

Cory Kinder

Human Resources Specialist II

Courtney Daniels

Human Resources Assistant

Dedra Sanders

Human Resources Assistant
























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