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What is a Turnaround?

A turnaround is a Personnel Action Form (PAF) based on current data. It functions similarly to the hire PAF and the field names and definitions are the same. The difference is that the hire PAF is new, and the turnaround changes current information for a specific employee. The current information is on the left side of the document, and any changes are made on the right. Signature approvals are required on turnarounds.

Where do I get a PAF turnaround?

To begin, log on to MIS Web Applications and click on "PS PAF."

Security is based upon your access and the primary department code. You may use the "Emplid" or the "Employee Lookup" buttons to request to view the document. The employee record number is required. If you know you have submitted a PAF for an action in the future, and the change is after that future date, you will need to enter that future date in the date field. Otherwise, the data returned populates with current dated information.

Most of the academic units enter fund changes directly in PeopleSoft. However, if you need to submit a fund change to Human Resources, use this same tool but remember to click the "JED Only" box. This will give you an abbreviated PAF turnaround that contains funding information only.



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