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Designated Recruiters for UMKC Departments

To better serve you, Human Resources has designated a recruiter for each of our departments.  Below are the names of those recruiters with the list of departments they are responsible for.  These individuals should be your first point of contact regarding recruitment questions or concerns. 

Kelly Limpic

Department HR Facilitator Phone
Bloch School of Management Mary Morgan 2331
Chancellor's Office Kim Johnson 1027
College of Arts & Sciences Hea-Kyung Shoemaker 1683
Information Services Katey Mairs 1481
Intercollegiate Athletics Kelsay Rinehart 6256
Law School Andrea Brown 5379
School of Dentistry Marlana Dickerson 2159
School of Education Jackie Walter 2237
School of Medicine Peggie Springer 1813
School of Nursing and Health Sciences Cyndi Cusick 5693
School of Pharmacy Nancy Bahner 2429

Megan Gonzalez

Department HR Facilitator Phone
Academic Affairs / Provost/ Graduate Studies Dan Chambers 2760
Administration & Finance (Non-CFM)/ Diversity Heather Swanson 5372
Advancement/ Communications Carla Heins 5772
 Biological Sciences Tanya Nettles 2576
Campus Facilities Management Andrea DiRaimo 1357
 Computing and Engineering Camille Johnson-Arnold 1261
Conservatory of Music & Dance Carol Dale 2731
Human Resources Cyndi Ferguson 1071
Institute for Human Development Brandon King 1694
KCUR Jeanne Rooney 2868
Libraries Jennifer Eigsti 1533
Research Services Sandy Wilson 5600
Student Affairs Bonita Baxter 1197


Recruitment Contacts

Kevin Sansberry II

Senior Human Resources Manager

Kelly Limpic

Senior Human Resources Specialist

Megan Gonzalez

Human Resources Specialist II