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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a vacant position to fill, what is my first step?

Contact your Recruiter to schedule an Intake Meeting. During the Intake Meeting your Recruiter will build a customized candidate profile, sourcing strategy, and service level agreement designed to save you time and money.


Can I interview candidates before the pool is certified?

Applicant pools must be certified prior to department level interviews.  Please contact the Affirmative Action Office (AAO) or your Recruiter for details.

Who will certify my candidate pool, and who should I contact if I have questions about the certification status?

Pool Certifications are provided by the AAO. Questions related to the status of pool certifications can be directed to ext.1323.

How are candidate pools certified?

When the position closes, the AAO will review the ethnicity and gender data on the candidate pool list. The AAO will use census utilization data from local and national markets to determine whether to certify the pool.

How many people am I required to interview?

At least three qualified applicants should be interviewed, when at least three are available. Please contact your Recruiter for details. Also, see the "Interviewing and Selection" course under the "Supervisory Development Courses" section of the "Human Resources Training and Development" page for the course description and instructions on how to register.

Must I do reference checks on everyone I interview?

While references can be done for each candidates interviewed, you are only required to have references for your final candidate. Reference checking is part of the service agreement discussed between the Recruiters and the Hiring Managers during the Intake Meetings that typically occur prior to the posting. Email the completed Reference Check Forms to your HR Facilitator when you are ready for your Recruiter to extend a tentative offer.

Who will notify my candidates that they did not get the job?

Notification letters are part of the service agreement discussed between the Recruiters and the Hiring Managers during the Intake Meetings that typically occur prior to the posting. If an Intake Meeting has not taken place, once a position is filled, the hiring manager should send notification letters to everyone not selected, informing them that the position has been filled.  Please see the How to Send Correspondence resource in the Recruitment Toolkit.

How long do I keep application/resume records on file in my department?

Administrative/Academic positions posted in Recruit: Destroy as a confidential record, these records are not to be retained at department level.

Academic Positions NOT posted in cruit: Retain applications/recruitment records for three years from date position filled, then destroy as a confidential record.

For more information about records retention, please see the BPM-1001 Records Retention Guide.

Recruitment Contacts

Kevin Sansberry II

Senior Human Resources Manager

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Senior Human Resources Specialist

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