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Course summary: Have you ever been cleaning out a file cabinet in your office and been stumped by a piece of paper? What should I do with this, shred it, keep it, or throw it away? Can I get in trouble if I don’t keep it? Maybe I should just hang on to it. This question has seemingly become more complicated with the technological advancements provided by electronic files, email and scanned images. Did you know that we have a resource to help guide through these questions? Did you know the Records Management team will consult with your office staff to help you organize and set up systems to archive and/or destroy in accordance with University Policy & Practice? The Records Management office supports each campus by establishing criteria for retention of records to ensure the University retains the best information necessary to meet legal, financial administrative, research, and historical need of the University. Cyndie Parks, Willie Jones and Micah Francisco will present information to help you organize and efficiently retain appropriate documents. Cyndie Parks, Director of Records Management, and Micah Francisco, Electronic Records Management Analyst, specialize in electronic records, including email and imaging, and Willie Jones, Records Management Analyst, specializes in Vital Records Identification and protection. HR encourages you to take advantage of this service in order to reduce your costs for storage and to reduce any related risks for not maintaining the correct documents for the correct period of time.



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