High School/College Partnerships

District Application

School districts considering instituting HSCP classes in their high schools should contact the HSCP Program Director, via email at: hscp@umkc.edu or by phone at (816) 235-5356.

The following information generally outlines the essential elements of the program:

  1. Courses offered are UMKC courses in a variety of disciplines at the introductory level. The specific courses may vary from semester to semester, but the offerings in any semester will be those agreed upon by the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the school district.
  2. Courses will follow syllabi or course outline provided by the University and approved by the District, and will utilize textbooks approved by the University and the District.
  3. The courses will be taught at the high school by a member of the high school faculty whose credentials have been approved by the faculty in the department of the University offering the course. The high school teacher may be given the title of adjunct faculty in the department.
  4. A UMKC faculty member will be designated by the department offering the course as the liaison between the teacher and the course and the department of the University. This person will coordinate the activities of the department and the school district to assure that courses are taught at a level comparable to identical courses on the UMKC campus.
  5. Students from the district, enrolled as non-degree seeking freshmen at UMKC, earn college credit recorded in their official UMKC student records. An official transcript of credit offerings will be issued by UMKC under the usual regulations and will be forwarded to other colleges and universities upon request. The credit work taken through this program will be applicable toward the quantitative fulfillment of credit hour requirements for a bachelor's degree should the student choose to enroll at UMKC after graduation from high school.
  6. Copies of final exams will be submitted to the appropriate department coordinator at the University for review prior to administration of the exam.
  7. Students will have University library privileges during the time they are enrolled in the courses, and an appropriate library card will be issued to the students by the University.
  8. The University will charge one-third the current educational fee established by the Board of Curators for full‑time university students for those enrolled at UMKC through the HSCP.

Contact Info

711E 51st St, 2 Scofield
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499
Phone: (816) 235-1165
Fax: (816)235-1728