High School/College Partnerships

SBS Biology Guidelines

  1. Courses currently offered are BIOL 102/102L (Biology and Living/Biology and Living Laboratory) LS ANAT 118/118L (Human Anatomy/Human Anatomy Laboratory)
  2. SBS Courses may be offered for dual-credit only if the number of contact hours in the High School is sufficient to provide the depth and breadth of coverage appropriate for the number of credit hours.
  3. High School teachers will be approved to teach SBS courses using the following minimum criteria:
    1. M.S or M.A degree
    2. Graduate courses (minimum 18 credit hours) which relate directly to the course they wish to teach
    3. Post-baccalaureate courses relevant to the course he/she wishes to teach within the past 7-8 years or relevant recent experience in scientific research or other scientific activities
  4. Courses will use the ‘topic outline’/syllabus approved by the HSCP Coordinator, SBS
  5. Textbooks must be approved by SBS prior to purchase
  6. Labs may be offered only if SBS determines that appropriate facilities and resources are available
  7. Prior to the beginning of every School year/academic year, high school teachers will submit a course syllabus containing the following information:
    1. UMKC course name, course number, number of credit hours
    2. Instructor name
    3. The title and author of the text
    4. The relative components of the lecture-grade and the relative components of the lab-grade clearly and specifically stated
    5. A minimum of 75% of the lecture grade and a minimum of 75% of the lab grade must come from quizzes and exams
    6. The laboratory grade should be calculated separately from the lecture grade
    7. Policy for assigning grades
    8. Policy for attendance, missed exams, and late assignments
    9. SBS statement about appeal procedures
    10. Where applicable, SBS statement about laboratory safety
  8. Syllabi should be distributed to students at the beginning of the School year. The syllabus discloses to the student the course expectations and the parameters by which his/her achievement will be measured
  9. Students earning UMKC credit are required to participate in the full length of the course. This applies to those Schools where course-work begins in Aug/Sept and the student will not register for UMKC credit until the following January.
  10. Students may be required to take exams written by SBS Faculty to assess their level of achievement and for evaluating teacher performance.
  11. Evaluation of each instructor by students will be performed by the HSCP office using an UMKC faculty evaluation questionnaire during the last two
  12. weeks of the semester. The results have to be promptly mailed back to the HSCP office.
  13. Yearly evaluation of the instructor by the School of Biological Sciences will be based on course syllabus, high-school exams, and class-room observation.

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