High School/College Partnerships

Textbook Ordering Q&A

Q: Who determines what text to use for my class?

A: All textbooks for dual credit courses must be University Department approved.

Q: How can I find out whether the text I am using is current?

A: The best source of information on current text editions is the HSCP Coordinator for that discipline.

Q: What is the procedure for ordering books?

A: After verifying title and edition with your HSCP Coordinator, utilize the on-line textbook order form and submit your request to the High School/College Partnerships program office.

Q: I get information about new titles in my subject area at meetings or in professional journals. Is it possible for me to receive review copies?

A: We welcome requests for examination copies of texts to consider for possible adoption. A good place to start is with the coordinator for your discipline.

Q: What if my textbooks meet current standards but they are falling apart?

A: Replacement and binding/repair of books which are no longer serviceable is accomplished under terms of existing partnership agreements between individual school districts and the University. The replacement process begins with the "Spring Cleanup" letter, and the return of HSCP-provided textbooks for repair and replacement. Binding/repair is a service provided by the program. Texts returned for replacement must be accompanied by the coordinator-approved textbook order request form.

Click here for the Textbook Order Request Form

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