High School/College Partnerships

Program Integrity

Assessment of Student Performance

Evaluation of student performance in dual credit classes is carefully monitored to ensure that identical standards for evaluation are used for off campus students as for on-campus students. This goal is accomplished by a number of checks:

  • The dual credit course content is identical to on campus course content.
  • Appropriate UMKC academic departments make certain that parity exists between on campus and off campus work.
  • Exams and written assignments for dual credit courses parallel on-campus work. However, when exams and assignments used by HSCP adjunct faculty are different from those used on-campus, they are reviewed and approved by the appropriate academic department.
  • Grades of students in dual credit courses along with student evaluations of the course are reviewed by the appropriate academic department as a final check of instructional quality and student performance.


  • To ensure high quality instruction, and to encourage a collegial teaching partnership between HSCP adjunct faculty and their professional counterparts on-campus, there is regular, on-site monitoring by UMKC faculty coordinators of all dual credit courses.
  • Faculty from campus serve as liaisons with the cooperation and approval of their departments.
  • Each UMKC academic department which participates in the HSCP approves one faculty member (often a full-time tenured professor) to work with HSCP adjunct faculty in that discipline. This faculty member establishes a true partnership with the HSCP faculty member, which includes both formal and informal contacts throughout the semester.
  • On-site class visits by the UMKC liaison are made for every HSCP adjunct faculty member.

Evidence for Policy Compliance

In compliance with guidelines for dual-credit coursework issued by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, each year the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Missouri-Kansas City issues a report summarizing the scope of dual credit offerings.

This report covers the following areas:

  • The number of dual enrollment sections offered.
  • Student enrollments in these sections.
  • The total number of students categorized by high school class.
  • The number of high schools served with dual credit courses (arranged by sections and subjects).
  • A summary data on the performance of dual credit students.

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