High School/College Partnerships

Program Structure Overview


At UMKC the High School/College Program is administered under the direct supervision and sponsorship of the College of Arts and Sciences with additional oversight provided by the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary Computing and Engineering.

The on-campus and the HSCP academic calendars are comparable. Registration, withdrawals and fee refund schedules give the off-campus students similar deadlines, grace periods and penalties.

Fees for dual credit courses are set by the Board of Curators and are uniform among all participating schools in the HSCP.


Dual credit courses are identical to those offered on-campus from the standpoint of course numbering, description, prerequisites, and content. The HSCP duplicates the content of courses offered on-campus, including choice of text books, syllabi and examinations that are approved by the UMKC academic department. All courses are evaluated using the same on-campus student evaluation form.

Whenever possible, dual credit courses are offered only to students who enroll for college credit. When enrollments do not make this goal possible, courses that combine for-credit and not for-credit students must meet the same academic criteria as the on-campus course.

The HSCP offers courses in a wide range of disciplines: Art, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Communication Studies, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Physics, French, German, Latin, Spanish, History (both American and Western Civilization), Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Theater. Students completing HSCP courses are awarded a University of Missouri transcript.


Appointment of HSCP adjunct faculty members is always subject to review by the University Department Chairs and faculty. Final approval of adjunct faculty members is made by the Dean of the College and the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Any high school teacher can be recommended for appointment by a district administrator or high school principal if they have met the following conditions:

  • a. They must have a Masters degree in the subject they wish to teach.
  • or

  • b. They have a Master's degree in any other subject area, with a minimum of 18 hours of graduate level course work in the subject they wish to teach.


Eligible students receive a UMKC ID Card which provides library checkout privileges and student discounts at participating venues. They are also invited to attend special subject related lectures held on the UMKC main campus.

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