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Course Evaluation Form

The College of Arts and Sciences

INSTRUCTIONS, please read: The questions below are intended to assess this course and instructor. Your individual responses will be anonymous, but a summary of the responses from the class will be provided to the course instructor. Your honest and thoughtful ratings can help instructors improve their courses and help departments make more valid judgments about teaching effectiveness. At the end of this form, you will have the opportunity to provide written comments. Thank you for taking time to complete this course evaluation.

Please rate the instructor for this course on each item below, according to the following scale:

Course name (ex: Eng 214)


High School (no abbreviations)

1. The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter appeared to be:


2. The instructor's class preparation was:


3. The instructor's organization of this course was:


4. The instuctor's enthusiasm was:


5. The instuctor's ability to inspire me to think more deeply about the subject was:


6. The instuctor's grading criteria were clearly explained:


7. The instructor's promptness in returning tests and assignments was:


8. The instructor's answers to student questions were:


9. Overall, how would you rate the instuctor's effectiveness as a teacher:


10. Overall, how do you rate the text books or reading material used in this course?


11. If you have taken other courses in the same area (i.e., other social science courses, other natural science courses, other humanities courses), how do you rate this course in comparison to the other courses? If you have not taken other courses in this area, please mark "Not Applicable."


12. Did this course meet your expectations?


13. Please rate the instructor's overall ability to communicate effectively:


Now, using the scale below, please rate yourself.

14. Your effort in this course was:


Please tell us the following about you:

15. Which of the following best describes your cumulative Grade Point Average? (If this is your first semester in any college, please leave blank.)


Please comment about anything you liked or disliked regarding the course or instructor that you believe would help improve this course.