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UMKC has lots to offer in terms of quality education and way of life in Kansas City.


Faculty Involvement

Faculty members are involved in all aspects during your graduate education, which includes mentoring you through your coursework, involving you in various projects that interests you, and showing up to various functions.


World Class Lectures

Various guess speakers are invited to lecture on their area of expertise each semester.


Active Student Organizations

Graduate student organizations are highly involved in planning events, bringing in high-quality speakers, and protecting your rights as a graduate student at UMKC.

Latest News

Blackboard Collaborate Replacing Wimba Classroom

What and Why?

In 2010 Blackboard purchased Wimba and Ellumunate Live. As part of their strategic plan, they combined the two products and named it Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard Collaborate combines the best features of Wimba and Ellumunate Live to help instructors and students realize what is possible for online learning.

As the instructor who is used to Wimba, you will have all the same features in Blackboard Collaborate plus some extras to help with classroom management. Visit this page to see improvements between Wimba and Blackboard Collaborate.


Blackboard Collaborate is now enabled in all Blackboard courses. Wimba will be available until 08/31/2014. Instructors should download the Wimba recordings that need to be archived before the above date. All Wimba classrooms and archives will be permanently removed on 09/01/2014. Contact or 816-235-6700 if you need access to a previous course.

Online Training and Documentation

Self-paced Online Training

Instructors can register for both the Getting Started and Moderator Access course for free.

Documentation and Recorded Training

Click to expand the FOR PARTICIPANTS and FOR MODERATORS links.

You’ll find overview videos, html and PDF files for all the specifics users need to know including How to access and use Bb Collaborate in Blackboard and Moderator’s Guide, which is very useful when you want to search for a specific tool or function.

UMKC Support

Contact for group or individual training.

TurningPoint (Clicker) Software Update and Training

The Change:

UMKC will start to apply TurningPoint 5, the latest version of the TurningPoint software in Fall, 2013. This new version will replace TurningPoint 2008 in all ILE classrooms from August 1st. The change is made due to reasons including:

  • TurningPoint 2008 is not compatible with Office 2013, which will be installed in all ILE classrooms and computer labs by 08/16.
  • Better integration and advanced features in TurningPoint 5.
  • Better Compatibility for Mac users.

Click here to view descriptions and installation info of TurningPoint 5.

Note: If you have PPT presentations created with the old version, always keep a copy of the original files before opening them with TurningPoint 5.

The Help:

To assist faculty with this update, ITS and Turning Technologies schedule several online training sessions starting from Monday, July 15th through August. Instructors are strongly encourage to participate in the webinars, regardless of how experienced you are with the software.

To join the online training sessions:

Open this interactive PDF file to see the details and click "Register Now!", or just click on the link below: Register NOW for up-coming Clicker online training!

Documents and Videos:

Save the following links as your reference and guide for using the new version of TurningPoint.

Turning Point 5 PowerPoint Polling PDF Video
TurningPoint AnyWherePDF Video
TurningKey (Self-Paced Polling)PDFVideo

Contact Jing Zou via, or 816-235-6132 for questions and concerns.

Video Blog of the Week

Watch some of UMKC's finest as they discuss their experience with online education.

Video of the Week

Looking to flip the classroom? Check out this device that will allow you to record your lectures and/or student's presentation with your mobile devices. The Swivl is motion sensored and will follow you as you speak. It can also be controlled using your iPhone/iPad.

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