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Blackboard Storage

Course sites are limited to 250MB. Instructors are encouraged to use Equella if they need more than 250MB of storage.



Equella is a place where you can store all of your files and documents, just as you would in Blackboard. It offers several advantages over storing files in Blackboard:

  • Files uploaded to Equella are secure and appear just like items linked from within Blackboard. Your students will be able to tell if the file is stored on your Blackboard course site or on Equella.
  • You can upload each file to Equella once, and use it for as many sites as you would like - for the current semester or for subsequent semesters. If you copy a course with links to content in Equella, the links will still work in the destination course.
  • Equella also supports 'versioning,' so if you prefer to use an earlier version of a file, you can 'roll back' to that version easily.
  • Items uploaded to Equella will not count against your Blackboard quota.
  • It's easy to get started using Equella. It just takes a few steps to set up the first time. Instructions for doing so can be found below.

Setting up Equella

Adding New Items:

    1. In the Blackboard content area where you want to place your file, go to the Tools menu and choose EquellaObject

    2. In the Equella window, click the Contribute button

    3. Click Kansas City Learning Objects - Blackboard Content

    4. Fill out the metadata for the file you're going to upload. The fields on the first page marked by asterisks(*) are required. There are five more pages of metadata fields and you can fill out those if you'd like to include extra data with your file, but it's not necessary.

    5. Click the Add a resource button to upload your file. On the resource type page, choose Upload a file to add a standard course file like a PowerPoint or video. After you've selected your file, click Next, then Save, then Publish, then Select, then Return Selections, then Return Selections again.

Linking to an Item Already in your Collection:

    1. In the Blackboard content area where you want to palve your file, go to the Toolsmenu and choose EquellaObject

    2. In the Recent box, choose Contribute to see a list of items you've uploaded (or use the Search box to find items)

    3. Click the item you want to link in Blackboard

    4. Click Select, then ReturnSelections, then Return Selections

Enabling Contributors

    1. Go from the Admin Console to User Management, and then to Internal Roles

    2. Choose 'Demo Contributor' role

    3. Enter the user id of the contributor in the 'Search for' field

    4. When the user is found, right click on them to get them into the 'Match Any' pane

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