UM Research Resources

Across the four campuses of the University of Missouri, there are a variety of individuals and organizations engaged in research. This collection of research resources and facilities exists to help University of Missouri researchers become aware of the existing resources and facilities and use that information to strengthen their funding proposals, and hopefully build effective and fruitful collaborations. This data collection is also intended to facilitate possible partnerships with business and industry as the University of Missouri fulfills its economic development as well as research, teaching and service missions.

This data collection is fully searchable and can be browsed in hope you may discover something you did not know existed. The data included here is minimal so it can be more easily maintained. It is designed to help you find and take advantage of information available on the various web sites across the UM-System. In each case, along with a brief description and the relevant web link, individual contact information is provided.

Each campus maintains the data locally and determines what is included. If you would like to have data included for a research resource or facility you are aware of, please complete this online request to be included. The intention is for the data to be reviewed at least once each year - please make note of "data current as of" info included for each item.

Generally, each of the resources and facilities listed has some organizational structure and business model. However, the resource may depend entirely on external funding and as such may not continue to exist. Some of the organizations listed are 'officially recognized centers' of the University of Missouri - those organizations complete annual reports, and additional information can be found here

If you are unable to reach the particular individual listed, please contact the chief research officer at each campus.

Rob Duncan
(573) 882-9500
UM-Kansas City
Lawrence A. Dreyfus
(816) 235-1520
UM-St Louis
Nasser Asrhadi
(314) 516-5899
K. Krishnamurthy
(573) 341-4154