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Center for Business and Industrial Studies

The Center for Business and Industrial Studies is organized within the College of Business Administration at UM-St. Louis to encourage sponsored research on multi- disciplinary problems.  Faculty associates and student assistants engage on projects that vary from the conduct of survey research to the development and implementation of computer based systems for corporate planning and operational control. In these endeavors, sponsoring organizations obtain creative insights on managerial problems and new uses of information technology; students gain valuable experience in working with faculty in actual business settings.

Center for Character and Citizenship

The Center engages in research, education and advocacy to foster the development of character, democratic citizenship and civil society. Funded by grants, individual donations, and through corporate and foundation support, the Center focuses on generating and disseminating both knowledge and research pertaining to how individuals develop moral and civic character. By providing scholars, educators and social organizations with the tools they need to contribute to this development, the Center plays the role of a think tank, offering workshops, consulting, and professional development. The Center also provides resources and tool kits to assist educators, parents and scholars in character and citizenship education.

Center for Emerging Technologies

The Center for Emerging Technologies (CET) provides the specialized facilities, knowledgeable support services, entrepreneur training programs, and access to capital needed to establish and develop next generation medical and other advanced technology companies. In only thirteen years, CET has grown to encompass 92,000 SF of incubator/accelerator space in two rehabbed buildings. CET companies have obtained $1.25 billion in funding from investors, grants and revenues, more than $700 million while at CET. CET has been a key member of a St. Louis public-private-three university partnership focused on creating all of the elements needed to commercialize innovations through new companies, grow a competitive life science industry cluster, and be a leading center of tech-based economic development. CET staff members actively engage in national initiatives to devise and promote best practices for funding translational research and development, technology transfer, biomedical incubators and university-industry-small company research collaborations.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education

The UMSL Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education works to increase the quantity and enhance the quality of entrepreneurship and economics taught in K-12 classrooms through teacher education and curriculum development. Teacher education consists of credit courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as teacher workshops. Center personnel research, write and publish economics curriculum for the purpose of enhancing students' economic education experience. The center is affiliated with the Missouri Council on Economic Education and the National Council on Economic Education and is part of a national network of economists and educators dedicated to increasing economic understanding. Partners of the Center include the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the Foundation for Credit Education, and the American Bankers Association.

Center for Eye Care

The College of Optometry operates four full-service eye care facilities - collectively referred to as the "Center for Eye Care" .

Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity

The Connecting Human Origin and Cultural Diversity Program was founded in 1995, as a joint venture of Anthropology, the College of Education, and the Maybuye Center (Archive of the African National Congress) at the U. of the Western Cape, South Africa. It is administered through the College of Education and housed on the UMSL south campus in the Villa and LeGras buildings. The Anthropology Dept provides expertise in understanding human origin and cultural diversity; College of Education provides expertise in designing curriculum for elementary through high school levels. Building on the 21st Century COE and foundations of anthropological knowledge, the Center has designed a 4-12 curriculum. Currently, no comprehensive anthropology curriculum exists in the U.S. In addition, the Program advises classroom teachers in the development of social justice and cultural awareness curriculum that enhances their standard subject presentations and compliments the NCSS and MAP standards.

Center for International Studies

International Studies and Programs promotes understanding of other peoples and cultures through international and multicultural programming - striving to internationalize the campus to ensure that students graduate with a rich and vibrant global competency necessary in today’s world. In addition, the Center: • provides international experiences for UMSL students, • provides services for international students and scholars, including recruiting, admissions, immigration, orientation, taxation issues, and non-academic counseling, • oversees the International House (in cooperation with Residential Life), • provides passport services, • works with area organizations to enhance the region's cultural life and economic development.

Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), a division of the Office of Academic Affairs, supports the professional development of those who teach and learn at UMSL. CTL's goals are to promote engagement in courses, on campus, and in the community, enhance the University as the Center align its activities, services, and consultations with the campus goals to promote excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Center for the Humanities

The Center for the Humanities has two central objectives: to provide visibility and focus for humanities activities at UMSL, and to attract and channel resources for the support of interdisciplinary humanistic inquiry. The Center for the Humanities is the only center of its kind in the region. The center sponsors conferences, symposiums and lectures including the popular Monday Noon Cultural Series and the Poetry and Reading Series. Opened in 1992, the center also houses and funds one of the country’s premier journals of social theory and practices, Theory and Society.

Center for the Study of Disability, Education, and Culture

The Center for the Research and Study of Disability, Education, and Culture (CRSDEC)., within UMSL's College of Education is a regional, academic base for quality research and practical instructional applications that also provides community outreach. CRSDEC provides varieties of opportunities for both students and faculty to explore the field, and encourage community awareness of historical, cultural, and political/legal dimensions of disability. Among its many preferences, responsibilities, and functions, the hallmark of the Center is its focus on clinical experiences that encourage awareness and advocacy; evidence-based, best practice; student centered instruction; team-based problem-solving and decision-making; intensive, site-based research; and self-directed, lifelong learning.

Center for Transportation Studies

The Center for Transportation Studies (CTS), initiated in 2000, has been supported through endowments created by the Mercantile Library and the John W. Barriger, III Railroad Library. Research opportunities for qualified UMSL graduate students are offered through the Center. Through their work at the Center and their Logistics and Supply Chain certificate program, graduate students have performed several research and network analyses for companies. Additionally, the Center engages in research related to airports and per capita for-hire transportation through its partnership with the Airport Ground Transportation Association (AGTA), an international trade association headquartered there.

Center for Trauma Recovery

The UMSL Center for Trauma Recovery is a multi-disciplinary center whose purpose is to foster Research, Graduate and Undergraduate Education, and Service (by way of a specialized Trauma Clinic) in the areas of trauma and victimization.

E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center

The E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center (TLC) of UMSL College of Education functions as an educational technology hothouse: A place to learn about important developments in the field while receiving paced and specific support. The TLC is maintained as a state-of-the-art environment with the directed aim to mirror and model excellent technology integration in the modern classroom. Unlike UMSL's other technology computer labs, the Technology and Learning Center has as its primary focus to meet the needs of teaching professionals: college faculty, students, K-12 teachers, counselors and administrators. We are committed to helping our clientele use technology in new and exciting ways. While built for the use of education students, faculty and staff, the TLC's doors are open to the entire University and to members of the community. The TLC continually extends itself into the Saint Louis community by offering professional development workshops to area educators and administrators.

Institute for Women's and Gender Studies

Gender Studies provides academic programs leading to an undergraduate certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, or a graduate certificate. Course work is interdisciplinary, developed in cooperation with departments from across the curriculum. Students seeking a certificate or a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity through course work, seminars, research experiences, internships, mentoring, and service-learning to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workplace or go on with graduate education.

IT Enterprises

ITE: Innovative Technology Enterprises at UMSL works closely with corporate and research entities in the region to accomplish the following in economic development, technology transfer and expanded research and educational opportunities: * House multiple startup companies formed by entrepreneurs in a variety of fields spanning information technology, life sciences and physical sciences, providing necessary facility, business development and mentoring resources along with access to UM-St. Louis faculty and students in all disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics, computer sciences, business, economics and beyond) to advance their work, * Develop new startup companies from University inventions, which in turn provide high paying job opportunities for UM-St. Louis graduates and others in these fields, * Provide computing resources and broadband connectivity to tenant companies, academic researchers and industry through a High-Performance Computing Center, *Serve as a cross-discipline research center of excellence supporting all academic and industry researchers seeking to move ideas from the lab to the market, * Attract external grants supporting research, technology transfer and economic development.

Kathy J. Weinman Children's Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis is a University-based, multidisciplinary center that provides high quality trauma-focused services to youth, families, and the community. We promote resiliency, physical safety, and emotional stability through comprehensive research, forensic, clinical, educational, and advocacy programming. The Kathy J. Weinman Children’s Advocacy Centre opened in July 1997. This 30,000 square foot bright, modern, child-friendly facility has a large waiting room, therapists’ offices, an art therapy room, a forensic interview room and observation room, two group rooms and a conference room. There is also an accessible auditorium in the lower level of the building capable of seating 100 that is available for rental.

Medicinal Chemistry Group

The Medical Chemistry Group (MCG) was established in July, 2010 and is housed in UMSL's biotechnology and IT incubator. The MCG was started by a small group of ex-Pfizer research scientists as part of a collaboration with Saint Louis University's Center for World Health & Medicine (CWHM). The aim of this collaboration is to develop novel small-molecule therapies in a wide range of therapeutic areas including a special emphasis on orphan and neglected diseases with the goal of bringing affordable new medicines to the developing world. This powerful public/private collaboration directly responds to the gap that currently exists in neglected disease research: translating basic research discoveries into affordable, accessible and clinically useful therapies. In addition to our collaboration with the CWHM, we provide services in several areas including the design and synthesis of novel small molecules as potential therapeutic agents, general organic synthesis, and development of methods to identify potential clinical or lead candidates. We also possess extensive experience in identifying tractable leads from high-throughput screens, hit-to-lead optimization and in silico based design.

Missouri Enterprise

The mission of UMSL's Missouri Enterprise is to help Missouri businesses succeed. To do that, they provide a broad range of hands-on business, technical and manufacturing optimization services, delivered by an experienced, “been there, done that,” staff and a comprehensive network of public and private partners. There are a number of characteristics that distinguish Missouri Enterprise from others in the field. When they help manufacturing businesses we actually become an extension of that staff and remain with the company every step of their journey to excellence.

Missouri Institute for Mental Health

The Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) was established by Missouri legislature in 1962 as a center for policy, research and training to support public mental health in Missouri. They help organizations and communities improve the behavioral health services they deliver to their clients by applying practices rooted in proven, scientific methods. In 2010, MIMH became a unit of UMSL' Office of Research Administration. MIMH has two primary missions: to conduct research that will improve services for persons served by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and to foster excellence in mental health services through employee training and the study of mental health policy and ethics. MIMH has extensive ties with mental health and social service agencies throughout the state – providing them with technical assistance on grant writing, evaluation, research methods, and statistics.

Public Policy Research Center

The Public Policy Research Center (PPRC) produces and disseminates methodologically rigorous and unbiased applied analysis and evaluation of public policies and programs and theoretical research on public policy issues. Over a 20-year history, the PPRC has established itself as the preeminent applied policy research resources for the civic and public communities of metropolitan St. Louis and the State of Missouri. PPRC has developed the capacity to conduct multidisciplinary research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Regional Center for Education & Work

The Regional Center for Education and Work (RCEW) is the place where education, business, labor and workforce development connect. It is a resource for information about the conditions that shape the region's workforce – offering tools, programs, services, and data to analyze and plan, advise, and teach with a common goal of ensuring a well-prepared workforce for today's and tomorrow's regional economy. The RCEW is a hub for regional research and planning in workforce development, employment trends, and job forecasting. It serves as a resource to education, school counseling, labor force training, and social service providers.

Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life

The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life is a non-partisan, non-issue institute focused on making government accessible to all Missouri citizens by encouraging women's full participation in the policy process. Although women are a majority of the population, the voters, and current college graduates, they are minority participants at every level of public policy leadership. The Institute's goal is to help women break down both the external and internal barriers to embracing the rights and responsibilities of a representative democracy. The institute assists women in developing the interest and skills necessary to succeed as full participants within government, serving in elected and appointed office as well as employed policy makers.

University Child Development Center

University Child Development Center is a campus-based child-care center serving the University of Missouri-St. Louis and surrounding communities. The purposes are to provide high quality programming for children and their parents; staff development and teacher training; and a site for child study/research.

Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center

The Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center, established in 1990 and renamed in 2006, has become, through its partnerships with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Zoo, the premier institution for graduate studies in ecology and biodiversity conservation. Faculty at UMSL collaborate with research faculty in the Herbarium and the Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Missouri Botanical Garden and with conservation biologists and veterinarians in the Wildcare Institute at the Saint Louis Zoo.


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