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Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation

The Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation is M S&T’s faculty development center for teaching and learning. Its mission is to foster faculty contribution to the continual improvement of MS&T's learning environment through programs that emphasize collaborative, experiential and technology-enhanced teaching as well as educational research.

Center for Bone and Tissue Repair and Regeneration (CBTRR)

The Center for Bone and Tissue Repair and Regeneration (CBTRR) is a multidisciplinary research center with a mission to research and develop advanced biomaterials and biomedical devices for the repair and regeneration of bone and soft tissues.

Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES)

The Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES) is an interdisciplinary research center that provides leadership in research and education aimed at solving the problems affecting the nation's aging infrastructure.

Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory (CASL)

The Missouri S&T Center of Excellence for Aerospace Particulate Emissions Reduction Research is a world class research center specializing in the physical and chemical characterization of aerospace-related combustion generated PM and its environmental impacts. It is a founding member and the lead entity for emissions characterization in the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (PARTNER) a leading aviation cooperative research organization, and an FAA/NASA/Transport Canada/US DoD/US EPA-sponsored Center of Excellence.

Energy Research and Development Center (ERDC)

The mission of the Energy Research & Development Center is to educate students in energy topics to solve problems of society and to deliver solutions for energy-related issues, by forming collaborative relationships with industry and government, for the benefit of the university, the state of Missouri and the nation.

Environmental Research Center for Emerging Contaminants (ERCEC)

The mission of the ERCEC is to establish the infrastructure and coordinated faculty base to conduct a wide range of large-scale externally-funded research initiatives designed to protect public health from emerging contaminants. The vision of the ERCEC is to establish Missouri S&T and the UM System as the recognized leading research institution focused on the fate, effects and control of emerging contaminants which include compounds and microorganisms that have just recently begun to be released into the environment, or that have significant health effects that have only recently been understood.

Intelligent Systems Center (ISC)

The Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) performs basic and applied research to address technology needs and technical issues in developing intelligent systems for manufacturing and energy applications, and to develop generic methodologies and tools (both software and hardware) that can be applied to a wide variety of real-world problems. The center has state-of-the-art research laboratories distributed across the Missouri S&T campus. For over 20 years ISC has been working with government agencies and industrial companies. ISC is strongly affiliated with four major national research centers: the AFRL-funded Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies, the NSF ERC for Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems, the NSF I/UCRC on Intelligent Maintenance Systems, and the NSF I/UCRC on Friction Stir Processing.

Materials Research Center (MRC)

The Graduate Center for Materials Research (MRC) is a multi-disciplinary research and development organization. Established in 1964 at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, MRC provides a graduate education environment that fosters significant advances in the fields of materials science and engineering. MRC provides research facilities, an equipment base and a support infrastructure that enables faculty members, students and industry professionals to conduct successful, team-oriented research and development projects.

Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center (RMERC

The Rock Mechanics & Explosives Research Center (RMERC), founded in 1964, provides research leadership in a broad range of scientific and engineering fields with emphasis on activities centered on or related to the mineral resource lease. The Center serves the mining and petroleum industries, the nuclear industry, geological science and engineering and the related wider industrial manufacturing community. A particular emphasis is to foster innovative and responsive research in rock physics and all fields of science and engineering that deal with rock, including energy production, mining, geology, geophysics, nuclear and related fields.

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations (COER)

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations is the bridge between hiring employers and the talented students and alumni of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Its mission is to proactively educate degree seeking students and graduates in their successful pursuit of professional full-time, co-op or summer employment and to develop and maintain mutually rewarding partnerships with a diversity of employers as well as MS&T faculty and staff.

Center for Pre-College Programs (CPC)

The Center for Pre-College Programs supports several programs designed to increase the number and diversity of students prepared to enter college and successfully pursue math, engineering, technology and science programs. Its programs connect grade school through high school students to unique college preparation and academic enrichment activities.

South Central Regional Professional Development Center (SC-RPDC)

The South-Central Regional Professional Development Center, co-funded by Missouri University of Science and Technology and the MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Schools exists to build the capacity of educators to ensure student success. It services the south-central region of Missouri, covering 13 counties and 63 school districts.

Speech Communication Center (SCC)

The primary mission of the Speech Communication Center is to ensure that the Missouri S&T campus is in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statutes by providing communication skills assessment to the campus’ new graduate teaching assistants. The center also provides oral communication consultation to the campus, coordinating with the Department of Arts, Languages, & Philosophy to provide technical (recording) support to oral communication classes.

Student Design and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC)

MS&T's Student Design and Experiential Learning Center was established in 2000 to better support S&T's various multi-disciplinary student design teams. In 2004 the center's mission expanded to provide experiential learning in academic courses, identify and support student service learning projects within the curriculum, and support ad-hoc student teams in specialty academic events involving multi-disciplinary student research.

Women's Leadership Institute (WLI)

MS&T's Women's Leadership Institute serves as an educational and professional development resource center for all MS&T students. It provides a number of activities and programs for students to learn about leadership from the female perspective, and encourages student involvement and strategic leadership in campus and community organizations.

Writing Center

MS&T's Writing Center provides a variety of services and resources to improve the writing of undergraduate and graduate students