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Economics and Policy Analysis Research
The Economics and Policy Analysis Research Center works closely with state government to inform decision-making. Through an agreement between the state’s assistant budget director and the president of the University of Missouri, EPARC prepares forecasts and analyses used by the state legislature and administrative units of state government. In addition, EPARC staff are the only non-governmental contributors to the state’s consensus revenue forecast. EPARC also prepares fiscal notes that must accompany proposed tax legislation, providing a statement of the likely fiscal impact of the legislation. EPARC is often contacted by legislators for advice about the fiscal or economic impact of some initiative, and sometimes conducts formal economic impact studies. Finally, EPARC prepares an annual tax-expenditure report that estimates overall impact of changes in tax laws on the state’s revenues, and serves as the repository for all individual and corporate income tax data for the state.
Location: UMC
Last updated On: Jul 02, 2013


Joseph Haslag
Executive Director
(573) 882-4805