Marcelo Priviatto

Overall Experience

BBA in Finance


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Where did you study?
Shanghai, China

Name of program
ISA Summer Business Program

Why did you choose to study there?
I chose to study in China because it is a fast growing economy and I thought it would be good to become familiar with the Chinese culture for future jobs.

What courses did you choose to enroll in?
I took Beginning Chinese Language and Introduction to Financial Markets.

How did you pay for your study abroad experience?
My own savings.

Did you use some sort of financial aid, scholarship or fellowship?

What was your living situation?
I lived in an apartment with three other roommates. The place was very close to campus, so I would walk to class and my roommates were very nice.

What did you do for fun?
I loved to go to clubs in Shanghai. They are amazing. In addition, I enjoyed the parks where you can go biking, walking, and running. There are very good restaurants and shopping as well.

Favorite aspect of your trip?
Getting to know a totally different culture.

Challenges you faced?
Food and hot weather.

Advice or helpful tips for future students?
Be open to new experiences. Forget about stereotypes.

Would you be willing to allow students to contact you via email with any questions regarding your study abroad experiences?
Yes.  Email at