Millicent Knopp

Overall Experience

Psychology & Sociology

traveling, anything nature, reading, music, culture,

Kansas City

Where did you study?
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Name of program
Direct Exchange

Why did you choose to study there?
Family roots, wanted to study somewhere uncommon to Americans and different from Western Europe.

What courses did you choose to enroll in?
Geneologies of Citizenship, Contemporary Political Theories, Qualitative Methods of Analysis, Communication Management & Crisis Management

How did you pay for your study abroad experience?
Previous savings and scholarships.

Did you use some sort of financial aid, scholarship or fellowship?

What was your living situation?
Lived in a flat for a few months with exchange student roommates then moved to dorms with local students.

What did you do for fun?
Day trips to the lake and neighboring countries, hanging out with friends at restaurants and pubs, exploring the city, concerts and parties

Favorite aspect of your trip?
All the wonderful people I met and the places I have seen!

Challenges you faced?
Problems with my residency permit...make sure you get it before you leave!!

Advice or helpful tips for future students?
Be both open and flexible. Things often will not go as you hope or plan but its all about adapting to your environment and being positive!

What is one thing (if anything) that you would change about your experience if you could do it over?
Extending my studies for one whole year!

Funny or memorable story?
Learning how to go out "European style"! People go out around 1 or 2 a.m. and do not get home until 5 or 6 a.m.!! Definitely a different routine than back at home!

Something interesting you learned about the town you lived in?
Ljubljana is the most beautiful little city. The river reflects all the lights from the city and biking at night down the city streets is the best! Don't forget to eat lots of burek too ( yummy pastry filled with meat and cheese )