Victoria Rizk

Overall Experience


Hiking, Yoga

Memphis, TN

Where did you study?
Graz, Austria

Name of program
Music and Medicine

Why did you choose to study there?
AIt was a course offered at UMKC-SOM for a humanities credit, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

What courses did you choose to enroll in?
Music and Medicine. We covered classical composers, music therapy, medicine in all forms of art, etc. We visited museums and took a weekend trip to Vienna to see even more!

How did you pay for your study abroad experience?
My parents helped me out a lot and all of the medical students received a scholarship from Dr. Sirridge (head of the Humanities Department).

Did you use some sort of financial aid, scholarship or fellowship?

What was your living situation?
We stayed in the dorms of the University of Graz-5 rooms with shared living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. It was spacious and wonderful! The view from my window was gorgeous.

What did you do for fun?
Cafes and traveling!

Favorite aspect of your trip?
Meeting native Austrians in my class and getting to know the whole country by traveling to different parts every weekend.

Challenges you faced?

Advice or helpful tips for future students?
Explore! It's all about the experience!! Enjoy your surroundings and get to know as many people as you can. That's the best way to learn.

What is one thing (if anything) that you would change about your experience if you could do it over?
I would make it longer! I would have loved to stay in Austria for a full semester.