How Can I Go Abroad After Graduation?
Post-Bac International Opportunities

There are many ways to experience other countries and cultures after graduating from UMKC. You could intern, work, teach, or even volunteer abroad. The benefits of these types of opportunities abound.

They can:
• Build your resume by deepening your understanding of your chosen career field
• Build your resume by demonstrating cultural competency to potential employers
• Increase foreign language fluency
• Increase desirability when applying to graduate or professional schools
• Provide experience in potential career fields
• Build character by improving self-reliance, problem-solving skills, tolerance for difference and ambiguity, and coping abilities
• Build international professional contacts and references

However, there are many things to consider before leaving, such as:
• What is my primary goal? (i.e., career advancement, to experience another culture, foreign language acquisition, to help others, to teach, etc.).
• What country/region interests me most? Why? Do I have any experience with this culture? Do I have a clear picture of the challenges involved in living and working there?
• How long do I want to be gone? A summer, a semester, a year, or more?
• What will I need to take care of while I am away? (i.e., family and personal relationships, car payments, lease, graduate school applications, taxes, loan deferments, etc.).
• Funding: Do I need a “full ride” or can I afford my own airfare, housing, visa fees, or an unpaid internship? Do I have emergency funding for when I am abroad?
• Type of program: Do I want to participate in a structured program or research and build my own experience?
• How will this experience contribute to my career trajectory? Will it help me with graduate school? Will it help me build professional contacts?

So where should you start? First, be sure to connect with UMKC’s Career Services Office. Talk with a knowledgeable advisor, search for opportunities on the Roo Career Network, and be sure and take advantage of GoingGlobal – a database with hundreds of international internship and job opportunities. Next, check out our list of international opportunities and do the research. Also be sure to check out the resources on our international opportunities brochure. Then consult information about finding and funding public service opportunities. Lastly, choose the program, internship, or job that is right for you and – enjoy!

Useful Resources:
Workshop Brochure (PDF)
Post-bac workshop chart(PDF)
International public service opportunities(PDF)

Spotlight on Teaching English:

Many career opportunities overseas require previous job experience and can involve complicated work permits and visa requirements. Teaching English through legitimate programs can be a wonderful way to circumvent these obstacles and still be paid to work abroad. Often you can live with a host family, immerse yourself in the culture and language, and gain valuable work experience. Don’t forget to travel on the weekends! Many programs only require you to be a native English speaker with a college degree – all majors are welcome. However, if you have experience in the classroom, an education degree, or a teaching certificate these can be an added bonus. Some programs, such as the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, are highly selective and some, such as the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program, require campus interviews and working with a program advisor on campus. Many are run through the country’s Ministry of Education, such as those programs in France, Spain, Georgia, and Korea. For programs such Fulbright, you should apply well in advance of your graduation date (normally in early fall). Contact IAP at with questions about the Fulbright ETA. Questions about all other programs should be directed to the program itself. Find a list of many teaching English opportunities on our list of international opportunities and search for even more at Dave’s ESL Café. Good luck!

-Going Global: A FREE resource for UMKC students regarding international job search resources, employer directories, job/internship listings, industry-specific trade and professional organization information and links, business resources, work permit and visa regulations, resume/CV writing guidelines and examples, cultural and interview advice and much more!

-Oberlin College - List of USA & International Teaching Fellow and Post-Graduate Internship Experiences

-Grinnell College - 75 Great post-graduate opportunities that includes both domestic and international teaching opportunities

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*An effort has been made to list only legitimate programs. However, IAP takes no responsibility for the authenticity and legality of the programs on this website. It is each student’s duty to fully research all international opportunities.