1. UMKC Study Abroad Policy (as published on Provost's website)

2. Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Guidebook

  Click below for PDF


3. Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the New Faculty-Led Program Application.

3a. Click HERE for UMKC HEALTH SCIENCES Departmental International Travel Form and Checklist.

New Faculty-led Program Application Due Dates:
1 Oct (Summer Programs)
1 Jan (Fall and Academic Year Programs)
1 May (Winter/Spring Programs)

4. Once programs have been approved, all applications and related materials (application, passport copy, proof of enrolment in HTH health insurance, emergency contact, risk/release and health forms) are due to IAP by:

Summer Programs: March 15
Fall or Academic Year Programs: Feb 28
Spring Programs: Oct 15
Other Programs: At least 60 days prior to program departure