Applications and Forms

Study abroad application checklist

Getting Started: Application forms and documents

Please note: ALL students must complete a UMKC application, regardless of type of program.
(Please choose only ONE study abroad program).

All applications for Spring 2014 are due on October 1, 2013. Applications for Fall 2014 and Academic Year '14-'15 are due on February 14, 2014.  All applications for .  Summer deadlines vary.
*Note: many scholarship deadlines for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 occur in February 2014. If you are planning to apply for scholarships to study abroad during the academic year '14-'15, the application should be submitted by February 14th, 2014.

1. Semester or Year Application For Study Abroad (PDF) for ALL Fall/Spring/Academic Year programs. 
If you are going on a Fall/Spring/Academic Year program, you will also need to fill out the application specific to your host institution or program in addition to these UMKC forms. Please contact IAP for details.

2. Summer and Short Term Application For Study Abroad (PDF) This application is for all programs that last less than a full semester.
In addition to this form you may be required to submit a program specific application--Ask your program director for more information.

3. General Study Abroad Recommendation Form (PDF).

4. Foreign Language Program Recommendation (PDF) for programs where instruction is in a the foreign language.

5. Study Abroad Approval Form for the Administration of Credit and Financial Aid (also known as the “pink form”) must be obtained in our office. Read more about the importance of this form here.  To have a copy mailed to you email your home address to

6. Statement of Purpose--a 1-2 page word processed essay on the what/where/why of your program.

7. Scholarship applications, as applicable (also see letters of recommendation page).

After acceptance: Pre-departure orientation documents (turn in either before or during the pre-departure meeting)

1. Emergency Contact information (PDF) (completed and signed - you may scan and email or turn in to IAP)

2. Assumption of Risk and Release (PDF) (completed and signed - you may scan and email or turn in to IAP)

3. Health form for UMKC faculty led programs (PDF) (completed and signed - you may scan and email or turn in to IAP)

4. Health form for programs without (PDF) a UMKC faculty director (completed and signed - you may scan and email or turn in to IAP)

5. Copy of (or scan and email copy of) your passport (and visa, if applicable)

6. Copy of (or scan and email copy of) proof of enrollment in mandatory HTH health insurance

7. Malpractice Waiver for Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical and Dental students and staff  (signed - you may scan and email or turn in to IAP)

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