Mandatory Study Abroad Health Insurance for all UMKC Program Participants

The University of Missouri System requires each study abroad participant to enroll in the UM HTH Worldwide Health Insurance Plan. HTH specializes in study abroad - the UM System has worked with them to create a comprehensive plan fitting our specific needs. You'll be happy to know there is no deductible! Their website is filled with services such as doctor searches, country specific health information, drug comparisons between countries, claim instructions among many other features.

If you do not enroll in the UMKC plan through HTH Worldwide (including Medex), you are not eligible to study abroad and credits will not transfer. The fee is $32.25 per month: if you are charged anything other than $32.25 you have not enrolled in the correct policy and you will need to cancel that policy and enroll in the right one.

ENROLL ONLINE (credit card only) at

In order to enroll in the UMKC plan, on RIGHT hand side of page, go to the group access code and be sure to enter the UMKC Policy access code: BJA-2348 in the box (enter exactly with no extra spaces).  Please note that students going on programs through approved UMKC provider companies (ISA, Globalinks, IFSA-Butler) do NOT need to purchase HTH.  All other students (including student on any non-approved programs) must purchase HTH.

Click here for the UMKC HTH Worldwide Health Insurance Pamphlet.

After Enrollment

After you have been enrolled in the HTH Worldwide Blanket Sickness and Accident Insurance plan and received your Medical Insurance ID card from HTH Worldwide, you should visit: Register/login on the right hand side of the site to obtain comprehensive information relating to this plan, including a doctor locator, city health profiles and translations of medical terms and phrases. Your family can access this same information by logging in to: Your family will need your insurance ID card number or your e-mail address in order to sign in.

Medex Security Rider

In continued commitment to the health, safety, and security of MU students, faculty, and staff abroad, the Study Abroad Offices on all four UM campuses and the UM Office of Risk and Insurance Management have indentified and partnered with Medex to enhance the insurance provided to study abroad participants. Medex is a leading provider of international travel assistance services, including 24-hour security-related assistance services for MU students while traveling 100 miles or more away from home or outside their home country. The Medex Secure Rider for study abroad students includes Political Evacuation Services, Security Evacuation Services, Transportation after Security or Political Evacuation, and Real Time Security Intelligence. Print your student

Medex ID Card and always carry it with you when travelling.  

If you have questions or concerns please contact us by calling 816-235-5759 or email