Mandatory UMKC International Student Orientation

You will be required to attend an in-person orientation upon arrival. You will not be able to register for classes until you have checked in and completed this. Orientation will provide a good introduction to UMKC.


Please note that all new international students will be charged a one time $200 administrative fee which is not covered by the Exchange Partner Award


ALL Exchange Students will also be charged for UMKC International Student Health insurance -- UMKC no longer accepts health insurance from other countries. The cost of the mandatory health insurance is approximately $500 for fall semester and $660 for Spring/Summer semester. For an academic year, it is approximately $1,200 per student. This fee (and the $200 administrative fee mentioned above) will be placed on your student Pathway billing account.


-Fall Semester 2013 mandatory orientation is on Tues. 13 August: Students must arrive in Kansas City on or before 12 August 2013. ALL new students must attend. 
-Spring Semester 2014 mandatory orientation is on Tues. 14 January: Students must arrive in Kansas City on or before 13 January 2014. ALL new students must attend. 


Please also read/complete the following:
E-Orientation (please complete after acceptance) from your home country
Applying for a student visa at the U.S. Embassy
Preparing to come to UMKC
Arrival Services: Airport Pickup (we highly recommend that exchange students secure housing before arrival)
Required steps upon arrival

Call the International Student Affairs Office (ISAO) at 816-235-1113 if you have questions or need additional information.