The pink form

What is the “pink form” and why do I need it?

The official name for the “pink form” is the UMKC Study Abroad Approval Form for the Administration of Credit and Financial Aid. We prefer to call it the “pink form” because a) who has time for an official name that long? and b) the form is actually pink and is very recognizable because of its color and size. This form allows your Financial Aid to be processed for a study abroad experience at the levels required by the cost of your international program, which may be very different than what you’d normally need here at UMKC. Your program must be an approved program for which you are eligible and which you have been approved to attend. If/when the transcript from your study abroad experience is mailed to our office at UMKC, we will use this form to facilitate the transfer of credit onto your academic record. For all of these reasons, this form is important and must be obtained by visiting our office in the Student Success Center, 5000 Holmes, Room #120.

What information do I need to put on the “pink form”? This form requires that you obtain signatures and do some research. You will need to estimate costs such as international airfare, tuition/books/fees, personal necessities (like soap and shampoo), housing, meals, and study abroad health insurance (the UMKC HTH policy). You will also need to provide the start and end dates of your program and the name of the organization that will provide your transcript (which may or may not be the same entity as your host institution). Lastly, you will need to get the signature of an academic advisor who will determine how the study abroad credits will transfer back to UMKC, and for this you will need to: a) make an appointment with your academic advisor and b) print off the course descriptions of the courses you hope to take, plus a few extra for back up. After you complete ALL of that, you will bring the form to our office in the Student Success Center, 5000 Holmes, Room #120, where we will sign it and give it back to you. You will then take it to the Financial Aid office and wait to hear back from them