Summer Travel Award Scholarship Application due to IAP by 5pm, Feb. 24, 2012

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Earn 6 UMKC credits in Sweden over the summer in this month-long program!
This 6 unit interdisciplinary program course will fulfill the Cluster Course and Cultural Perspectives general education requirements for the BA in Arts & Sciences.

Uupsala Cathedral

Students are invited to apply for the UMKC Honors Program Summer Study Abroad in Uppsala, Sweden. This four-week program will offer students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interplay of history, nature, and culture in Sweden, using Uppsala and the surrounding area as a model. Please note that places on the program are limited and honors students have priority if we receive more than 15 applicants. UMKC honors students do not have to write an essay or furnish letters of recommendation. All other students must do so to be considered for the program.

The university city of Uppsala lies in the heart of Sweden. The fourth largest city in the country with a population of 190,000, Uppsala is considered by many Swedes to be the historical and cultural capital of their country. It retains the charms of a small Scandinavian town while offering a big city’s selection of attractions. Lively cafes line the banks of the Fyris River and museums, shops, and art galleries are all within walking distance of the city center. Uppsala has the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, the oldest university, a sixteenth century castle that dominates the skyline, and beautiful botanic gardens and parks. Public transport is frequent, efficient, and cheap in Sweden. An easy bus, train, or boat ride away are the sea cliffs and sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea and the pristine forests and clear lakes that make up the region of Uppland. From Uppsala, Arlanda International Airport is only 25 minutes by train and the capital city of Stockholm is a mere 45 minutes. On the outskirts of Uppsala are three huge Viking burial mounds, the remains of a pagan temple where human sacrifices were made to Thor, Odin and Frey, and the runic stone carvings of “Gamla” (Old ) Uppsala. A boat cruise away is the magnificent palace of Skokloster recognized as one of the greatest Baroque museums in the world. In the eighteenth century, Uppsala became famous as a science metropolis. Linnaeus, a professor of botany at the university, explored the flora and fauna of Sweden and sent his pupils out to describe and categorize the natural history of Siberia, Japan, and Canada. Today the city is still a center of education with 40,000 undergraduates attending Uppsala University.

Activities and Excursions

Three day trips to Stockholm
Weekend trip to Värmland
Overnight trip to Falun
Numerous visits to Uppsala-area sites


Students will be housed in single hostel-style rooms at the Hotel Uppsala, in the middle of the city, near cafes, shops, and museums.
Students will be responsible for their own meals.
Each room has a bathroom, a hot plate, and a small refrigerator.
It is only a five minute walk from the train and bus stations to the hotel.

Travel to Uppsala

Students travel independently to Sweden. Participating students can make travel arrangements together if they so wish as they may plan to travel around Scandinavia, Russia, or Europe before or after the program. Arlanda (Stockholm ) airport is 25 minutes from Uppsala by train or 40 minutes by bus; the bus station and train station in town are both a 10 minute walk to the hotel with luggage.

Financial Aid

UMKC participants of the Sweden Honors Study Abroad Program may qualify for financial aid. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office. Limited scholarships may be available through International Academic Programs (235-5759). Please contact that office for information and applications.

Approximate Costs (exchange rate dependent)

UMKC Tuition and Fees (6 units Undergrad in-state) $1850
Program fee, covers all lodgings & excursions $2500
Mandatory Study Abroad Insurance $50
Travel r/t airfare KC-Uppsala $1000
Appoximate Total $5100


The University of Missouri System requires each study abroad participant to enroll in the UM HTH Worldwide Health Insurance Plan for the period of their program. HTH specializes in study abroad. The UM System has worked with them to create a comprehensive plan fitting our specific needs. Insurance is approximately $50 per month with no deductible.

Application information

ALL application materials go to:
International Academic Programs Sweden Program
Student Success Center, 5000 Holmes, Rm #120
Kansas City, MO 64110
Web: (Hours 8-5 or front door drop box)

•Friday, March 9, 2012: the application, along with a $200 deposit and ONE letter of recommendation. If you are not accepted into the program, deposits will be refunded.
UMKC School of Med students need to meet with Dr. Payne to begin application process

•Friday, April 6, 2012: Second deposit due: $800.

•Tuesday, May 11, 2012: Balance $1200 (+ UMKC Tuition and Fees will be assessed upon summer enrollment).

Application for UMKC Students

Click here for the UMKC Student pdf application

Application materials for NON-UMKC Honors Students

NON UMKC Student Sweden Application

UMKC Visiting Student Application

Mandatory Pre-departure Information

Mandatory UMKC Study Abroad Health Insurance