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Numeric Pagers

Numeric Pagers: $7.25 per month including insurance. Coverage outside of the metro Kansas City area is extra.

Alpha-Numeric Pagers

Alpha-Numeric Pagers:$10.25 per month including insurance. (Outlook can be used to send alpha pages to either individuals or distribution groups; account can be set up through IS Central Systems at 816-235-2000). Coverage outside of the metro Kansas City area is extra.

Lifestyle Plus - is a basic digital/numeric pager that has a 10-character each/16-message capacity.  Features include overflow indicator, freeze screen and unread message reminder. This device comes with a clip attached and operates on one AA battery. You can see this pager at

Bravo LX - is a digital/numeric pager that can receive up to sixteen 20-character messages.  Features include a personal alarm, duplicate message indicator and reminder alerts.  This pager operates on one AAA battery, comes in a holster and can be seen at

Advisor Gold - is a large alphanumeric pager (2”x3”) with a 4-line display, 9 different alert patterns and a variety of other features.  This pager comes in a holster, uses a single AA battery and can be seen at

If you would like to see more pagers click on the following url:

Explanation of Monthly $1.25 Pager Insurance

The monthly charge for your pager (paid annually) is $7.25 for a digital and $10.25 for an alphanumeric. This price includes $1.25 per month insurance. This insurance covers pagers that are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. However, even with the insurance, you must still pay a deductible. If you have a digital pager and it is lost or stolen you must pay a $25 deductible. The deductible for a lost or stolen alphanumeric pager is $50. Without insurance you would have to pay the retail price of the pager ($129 for digital and $189 for alpha-numeric). If the pager is returned to Mobilfone you will only have to pay a $20 finder's fee for both digital and alphanumeric pagers.
If your pager can be repaired (water damage, broken casing, etc.), Mobilfone will impose a repair charge. The charge for a repair depends on the type of repair needed. If your pager does not work due to equipment failure there is no charge for replacement. In addition, clips, batteries, and battery covers are free.

Contact Information

For further information, information on extended coverage, or if you would like free batteries, please contact Networking /Telecommunications at 816-235-1595.