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UMKC Policy and Procedures for the purchase of Information Technology (IT) products and services

UMKC Policy

ALL IT and telecommunication products, software and services must be purchased through Information Services and/or require CIO approval.  These items include, but are not limited to computers, tablets, servers, monitors, routers and switches, audio visual equipment, multi-function printers/copiers, software, software as service, web-based software, etc.  In accordance with UM policies, additional approvals may be required depending on the cost.


The goal of the approval process is to ensure that all IT hardware, software and services are compatible with the University's technology environment and that they meet UM IT security policies prior to purchase.  Information Services works closely with UM Procurement and Legal Counsel to ensure technology purchases are compliant with applicable policies, regulations, contracts and vendor licenses.  IT requests are also reviewed to ensure they align with IT best practices and standards which improve reliability and reduce the total cost of ownership.   Additionally, IT expenditures must abide by the UM President’s directives regarding budget challenges to make certain that we are getting the most value from our technology investments. 

Steps for purchasing IT products and services

Prospective purchasers are expected to work with Information Services early in the purchase process.  The procedures for UMKC CIO approval are outlined below:

1)      Prior to purchasing any IT product or service, the designated office/person for IT approvals in the academic unit or department should review and approve the request.   

2)      Either an IS or a departmental representative should then submit an email request to the CIO via the account with the following information:

a)      Name of the person/department the item or service is for

b)      A short justification (A few sentences are generally fine) for the purchase

c)       The IT product or service (make, model, version, vendor, etc. as applicable) that is being requested

d)      How will it be used

e)      The price – both initial and ongoing fees

f)       Funding source/MoCode – includes research/grants

3)      The CIO or their designee will review the request and either approve, reject or request additional information.  Normally, a communication will be provided to the department within one or two business days.     

4)      Upon approval, IS will work with the department and UM Procurement to purchase the product or service in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

5)      IS will work with the department to communicate delivery/install dates as appropriate.

Exceptions and Notes

Consumables (paper, toner, etc.) for printers and multifunction devices may be purchased by departments.

The following items do not require CIO approval but need to be purchased through Information Services:

If you are unsure as to whether your purchase requires CIO approval, please ask.

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