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A Remote Lab connection gives you full access to the remote lab computer, just like any typical computer experience. The start menu and desktop is visible and you may open any available application.

Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Remote Lab Quick Settings

Username:  umkc-users\YourSSO
Password:  Your SSO password
Host:  Computer name listed on Remote Labs webpage

iOS Remote Lab Detailed Connection Instructions

Due to limitations of mobile operating systems (like iOS) using a Remote Lab is a two step process. First you must use the Remote Labs website to get the name of the lab you want to connect to, then you must connect to that lab with a third party Remote Desktop client.

Step One: Determine computer name of the lab you wish to use

Open your mobile web browser and log into the Remote Labs site. Select the lab you want to use.
You will ultimately be taken to a screen that looks similar to this:

Server connection string

On that screen, in the middle (highlighted in the image above), is the server name required for client access to the remote lab/application. Write this down or save it to your clipboard.

Step Two: Connect to the lab with a third party Remote Desktop application

Please note: UMKC does not endorse any third party connection clients. UMKC remote labs work with most Remote Desktop (RDP) apps. The instructions below are an example of how to use the free version of the Wyse Pocket Cloud RDP app. UMKC does not support Wyse Pocket Cloud and these instructions are subject to change. This example is provided to assist users in connecting to UMKC Remote Labs. Actual steps will differ depending on which RDP app you decide to use.
  1. Connect to UMKC via VPN. Instructions on VPN connections can be found here
  2. Open the Pocket Cloud App
  3. Tap Skip Auto Discovery
  4. Tap the + in the upper right corner
  5. Tap Remote Desktop (RDP)
  6. Tap Nickname
  7. Enter a nickname such as UMKC Remote Labs
  8. Tap Save in the upper right corner
  9. Tap Host
  10. Enter the computer name that was displayed on the UMKC remote labs webpage
  11. Tap Save in the upper right corner
  12. Tap Username
  13. Enter ‘umkc-users\’ followed by your SSO username. e.g. umkc-users\doej
  14. Tap Save in the upper right corner
  15. Tap Password
  16. Enter your SSO password. Note: you will need to update this setting every time you change your SSO password
  17. Tap Save in the upper right corner
  18. Tap Save in the upper right corner again
  19. Under Manual Connections, tap UMKC Remote Labs
If you have not recently connected to this remote lab computer there will be a delay as your profile is created. This is normal.

You are now connected! You may browse to the start menu and launch available applications. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Remote Labs FAQ or contact the IS Call Center.

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