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Linux Remote Lab Connection Instructions

A Remote Lab connection gives you full access to the remote lab computer, just like any typical computer experience. The start menu and desktop is visible and you may open any available application.

Please note: These instructions were written using Ubuntu 11.04 and Firefox. If you are using a different browser or distribution of Linux the dialog boxes will vary slightly, but the procedure will remain the same.
  1. Linux users who are off-campus have the additional requirement of needing to use a VPN connection. Instructions on VPN connections can be found here. Once you have setup a VPN connection and are currently connected please proceed to the next step.
  2. Visit the available labs and applications page and choose your lab or application.
  3. Click on the "Connect to Remote Desktop" button.
  4. Click the "Launch My Session!" button.
  5. Firefox will download a file with the connection settings. You will be able to identify this file by its ".rdp" file extension.
  6. Open the downloaded .rdp file
  7. Next you will be prompted for credentials. Be sure to enter "umkc-users" into the domain field. Finish entering your credentials and click on "OK".
  8. You will briefly notice a connection dialog while you are connecting to your remote labs session.

    If you have not recently connected to this remote lab computer there will be a delay as your profile is created. This is normal.

    You are now connected! You may browse to the start menu and launch available applications. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Remote Labs FAQ or contact the IS Call Center.

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