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Windows Remote Lab Connection Instructions

A Remote Lab connection gives you full access to the remote lab computer, just like any typical computer experience. The start menu and desktop is visible and you may open any available application.

Please note: These instructions were written using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. If you are using a different browser or operating system the dialog boxes will vary slightly, but the procedure will remain the same.
  1. Begin by visiting the available labs and applications page and choosing a lab from the "Remote Labs" tab. Click on the "Connect" button for that lab.

  2. If lab seats are available you will be taken to a second page with limited help content and a large "Launch My Session!" button. Click on that button.

  3. A dialog box prompting you to open or save your file will pop up. Click on "Open".

    open or save prompt

  4. If this is the first time you have used Remote Labs, you will be prompted to trust the publisher (UMKC in this instance). Check the "Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher" checkbox and click "Connect".

    unknown publisher warning

  5. Next you will be prompted for credentials. Be sure to login with your fully-qualified username (such as "UMKC-USERS\username"). Enter your credentials and click on "OK".

    logon prompt

  6. You may briefly notice a connection dialog before you are connected to your remote labs session.


    If you have not recently connected to this remote lab computer there will also be a delay as your profile is created. This is normal.

    You are now connected! You may browse to the start menu and launch available applications. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Remote Labs FAQ or contact the IS Call Center.

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