Status Updates

UM System wide outages can be found on the UM IT System Status website.

Current Outages

 Blackboard iPhone/Adroid BbMobile App (8/23/2015 1:34:00 PM - 12/31/2015 11:59:00 PM)

Users are currently unable to authenticate to Blackboard with either the iOS or Android versions of the BbMobile app. We are currently working with Bb Technical Support and hope to have a resolution shortly.

Upcoming Outages

There are no upcoming outages.

Past Outages (Last 72 Hours)

 Bb Collaborate down (10/7/2015 1:15:00 PM - 10/8/2015 1:15:00 PM)

No being able to load any session in Blackboard.

Current and Upcoming Change Management Notices

 Firefox 38.2.0 ESR Campus Update (8/23/2015 7:00:00 PM)

Firefox 38.2.0 ESR will be replacing previous versions of Firefox on all faculty, staff, and lab computers.

 UCCX Server Upgrade (10/9/2015 5:00:00 PM)

We will be upgrading the UCCX server, the server for all of the call queues, from version 10.5.1 to version10.6.1.

 Enable EFS on kc-files2n (10/9/2015 10:00:00 PM)

Encrypting File System will be enabled on kc-files2n for shared folders. This will allow departments with shares on this server to start working with file-level and folder-level encryption of data.

 Firefox 38.3.0 ESR Campus Update (10/11/2015 7:00:00 PM)

Firefox 38.3.0 ESR will be replacing previous versions of Firefox on all faculty, staff, and lab computers.

 Disable DES encryption types for Kerberos authentication (10/16/2015 10:00:00 PM)

A partial step will be taken to re-increase the Kerberos authentication for the UMKC AD domain. DES encryption types will be disabled. This is a partial step, as the next step is to re-attempt to disable RC4 encryption types.

If any issues are found, DES encryption types can be re-enabled.

 Correct of Exchange Domain Servers group membership at UMKC (10/17/2015 11:00:00 PM)

A correction will be made to the membership of the Exchange Domain Servers security group. This may affect Exchange access, and usability of UMKC Exchange accounts will be monitored after the change, and the change reversed if problems arise.