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Requesting UMKC Site Licensed Software

Information Services must guarantee that each user of the EndNote, Maple, SAS and/or SPSS/Amos software packages has agreed with the appropriate license agreement(s) and has the appropriate affiliation with the university.  If you have not already done so, please review the following license agreements:

Once you have reviewed the license agreement (s), please complete this Request Form

The software is distributed in one of two ways:

The preferred method is through an unattended remote installation.   You will receive an email with any instructions or additional information required. 

If the software is to be installed on a computer off-campus (EndNote, Maple, or SAS only), a secured local area network connection is provided for installation and updates.  Your request acknowledgement will indicate that you now have access to the appropriate install files on the N: drive.  All users who are logged in on a University computer using their Single Sign-On Exchange account information should have the N: drive mapped automatically.  All off-campus users using the UMKC VPN client should also have the N: drive mapped automatically (if not, check your Internet provider's firewall settings).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IS Call Center
via email to or by calling 816.235.2000.

For further information please contact Information Services' software acquisition expert via email at or at 816.235.2220.