UMKC - International Student Affairs

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  Aurelien Boccard
Country or origin: Switzerland (Geneva)

Doctor of Musical Arts

Having been a DMA student at the Conservatory of Music and Dance at UMKC for a year now, I realize that my program is exactly what I was looking for. It challenges me academically and artistically. The school is among the best in the area and was the perfect choice for me. The teachers are dedicated and care about their students. Located near the center of the city, UMKC is close to all entertainment that Kansas City has to offer.

  Benjamin Campero
Country or origin: Mexico (Monterrey)

B.B.A. Entrepreneurship and B.A. in Economics

I was offered a scholarship at UMKC, and after researching about Kansas City and UMKC I did not hesitate to accept it and move to Kansas City. I started as an Economics major, and then I started working also towards my business degree. UMKC business school is well ranked nationally and their programs prepare you to be a competitive person in the business world. Besides the great diversity and opportunities one can find at UMKC, Kansas City is without a doubt one of the best cities to live in this country. This city is located in a really strategic region of the United States and is growing at amazing pace, providing plenty of opportunities to UMKC students. Another great thing UMKC has to offer is opportunities to get involved on campus. I am part of the Latino organization on campus and I was part of the international student council. I can't express how much this organization had helped me adapt to my new life in Kansas City.

  Howard Noyemwenre Ehana
Country or origin: Nigeria

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

I chose to study at UMKC because of its excellent accreditation in the Electrical and Computer Engineering degree programs as well as UMKC's reputation for having a diverse international student population. I also love its urban location with fewer distractions that would not take my focus away from my studies. Lecturers and non-academic staff are very nice, understanding, encouraging and extremely patient with students, ensuring that we succeed in and outside the classrooms. UMKC has helped me build up my leadership skills and has made me more self-confident and socially active than I ever thought possible. I feel very blessed and privileged to be a part of this great citadel of education.

  Xiang (Sean) Jin
Country or origin: China (Yanji)

Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.S.A)

While I was determined to pursue Business as my major in the first place, I knew that I would inevitably be part of UMKC and will accompany its growth. Its education excellence and student enrichment have inspired me to achieve my educational goals more effectively. At UMKC, I am being able to acquire true academic value and being prepared for ready-to-go social asset. Attending UMKC is a real blessing that it envisions me for better future. Here I could enjoy soothing classroom setting and welcoming environment all around the campus. Especially, Henry W. Bloch School of Management helps me to build very solid foundation for business world!.

  Mariana Mantilla
Country or origin: Mexico (Mexico City)

Master's in Social Work

I chose UMKC because they had the graduate program I was looking for. UMKC's Masters of Social Work program is unique because it is an advanced generalist program which prepares Social Work professionals to work in a wide spectrum of fields, from community-based practice to public policy advocacy. Moreover, the faculty and student body at UMKC reflect not only Kansas City's diversity, but there are cultures from all over the world represented on this campus and there are many resources within the university that support that diversity. One of the first things that caught my attention was the number of international students and the countries they represent as well as the opportunities for internships available.
Lastly, UMKC is surrounded by beauty and culture. There are exceptional places that promote art and culture within the university and a few minutes from it such as the White Recital Hall, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Country Club Plaza, and the Linda Hall Library which has one of the best collections of rare books in the world.

  Munsur Rahman
Country or origin: Bangladesh

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

UMKC is the campus of best academic program, numerous outstanding faculty members, vast scholarship opportunity, beautiful natural view and a wonderful multicultural social life. UMKC has provided a unique opportunity to fulfill my passion for depth knowledge on engineering and encouraged me to endeavor for higher goals. The study system here is very unique with a decent size of class. The community, administrative staffs and the faculties here are very helpful and supporting to the student. Along with the campus life, Kansas City has some insightful features to attract me. Here the population is less and still, this place is fun to live. Kansas City strikes a good balance with peace of mind and work pressure. People here are so friendly and helpful that I feel Kansas City is now my 'home' as I am away from my home.

  Gloria Britez Scolari
Country or origin: Paraguay (Asuncion)

Master of Music

I decided to attend the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance because of its excellent learning environment for developing artists, offering a variety of possibilities for the students to grow in their field of choice. Among the Conservatory faculty are some of the best and renowned musicians and artists, who inspire and challenge the students at every level.
The University has a very strong reputation not only for its academics, but also for its culture and athletics. The student body represents a number of cultures from around the world, and UMKC campus life promotes and embraces diversity. In addition, I think that Kansas City is perfect, for it has the feeling of a big city without being overwhelming.

  Koushik Tammineedi
Country or origin: India

Master's in Computer Science

I am Koushik, a graduate student pursuing my masters in computer Science. I chose to come to UMKC because of the environment they offered. As an Indian student whose native language is not English, UMKC was the right fit for me to transition into the American College culture. With the small class sizes, there's more one on one time with the faculty which helped me in adapting very quickly, whereas at other schools you're just a number. In addition to that, the college allows you to become who you want to be, with so many different organizations on campus, you are more than welcome to try something new. UMKC is a great place and I love being here every day! The minute I stepped foot on the campus I loved it! The location, professors, and students are what really make this place great, and I was able to meet people from different walks of life. The professors here are also a very big part of my college experience; knowing that you have the support of the professors and that they want you to succeed is a very reassuring feeling. The location is a hub of some major companies and start-up companies so the potential for internships and jobs was abundant. UMKC offers many great options like the Career Center to get you ready for the real world. Kansas City is diverse, safe, and perhaps one of the nicest cities in the US to study with good area attractions nearby and campus events happening all the time. You will always find yourself having a good time. When I am not studying or in class I am usually involved somewhere around campus, whether it's in the Swinney Recreation Center or playing cricket on the Quad. Thanks for reading about me; hope to see you around campus! Good luck!