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Aurelian Boccard Aurelien Boccard
Country or origin: Switzerland (Geneva)

Doctor of Musical Arts


Aurelien Boccard grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. He pursued degrees in German, Music Education, and Musicology at the Geneva Conservatory and the University of Geneva as well as a degree in Piano Performance at the Bern Conservatory. Prior to studying at UMKC, Aurelien acquired his MM and Advanced Certificate in Piano Performance at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. He is currently obtaining his DMA in Piano Performance at UMKC.


"Having been a DMA student at the Conservatory of Music and Dance at UMKC for almost two years now, I realize that my program is exactly what I was looking for. It challenges me academically and artistically. The school is among the best in the area and was the perfect choice for me. The teachers are dedicated and care about their students. Located near the center of the city, UMKC is close to all entertainment that Kansas City has to offer."


When Aurelien is not working for school, the Swinney Recreation Center or ISAO, he enjoys swimming, traveling, going out on Westport and going to the movies.

Gloria Britez Scolari Gloria Britez Scolari
Country or origin: Paraguay (Asuncion)

Master of Music

I decided to attend the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance because of its excellent learning environment for developing artists, offering a variety of possibilities for the students to grow in their field of choice. Among the Conservatory faculty are some of the best and renowned musicians and artists, who inspire and challenge the students at every level.
The University has a very strong reputation not only for its academics, but also for its culture and athletics. The student body represents a number of cultures from around the world, and UMKC campus life promotes and embraces diversity. In addition, I think that Kansas City is perfect, for it has the feeling of a big city without being overwhelming.

Sara Derakhshani Sara Derakhshani
Country or origin: Iran

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies


I chose UMKC because of its interdisciplinary and versatile academic programs and the vibrancy and diversity of the campus. The availability and the willingness of the professors to help students is another feature that makes UMKC one of the best universities to study at. My program of study, which is Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, provides students with a unique opportunity to follow an individual plan of study. This flexible plan has helped me focus on the main subjects and fields of interest to me. As an accredited urban university, UMKC has given me the opportunity to get to know, expand and connect with the businesses in town. For the mentioned reasons and many more, I am very happy that I have chosen to study at UMKC. 

Howard Ehana Howard Noyemwenre Ehana
Country or origin: Nigeria

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

I chose to study at UMKC because of its excellent accreditation in the Electrical and Computer Engineering degree programs as well as UMKC's reputation for having a diverse international student population. I also love its urban location with fewer distractions that would not take my focus away from my studies. Lecturers and non-academic staff are very nice, understanding, encouraging and extremely patient with students, ensuring that we succeed in and outside the classrooms. UMKC has helped me build up my leadership skills and has made me more self-confident and socially active than I ever thought possible. I feel very blessed and privileged to be a part of this great citadel of education.

 Gharib Gharibi Gharib Gharibi
Country or origin: Saudi Arabia

Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering)


After graduating from Jazan University in Saudi Arabia, I was looking for a university that offers the best Computer Science programs in the USA. UMKC caught my attention for many reasons including the strong Academic programs, the outstanding faculty members, and the wonderful urban environment. After applying to UMKC, I received an offer to join a research team at the School of Computing and Engineering, which encouraged me even more to join it. Moreover, UMKC provides great opportunities for scholarships. I am awarded The Dean's International Scholarship Award (DISA). I feel that selecting UMKC was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

 Eshwarchand Koganti Eshwarchand Koganti
Country or origin: India (Hyderabad)

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Hello all, I am Eshwarchand Koganti I am pursuing my Master's in Electrical Engineering, Networking as my major program . When I applied for my Master's at five different universities, I decided to choose UMKC because of the course structure provided by the professors and its environment. When I first came to UMKC I felt like I was at home because, the way my friends, faculty and staff have treated me. UMKC has taught me a lot and UMKC has made me who I am today. The way  professors help their students surprises me. UMKC is a place where you can find all different types of cultures. UMKC is located in Kansas City which is also known as a city of fountains. Since UMKC is in the center of the city I have had a lot of opportunities to learn about the city.

 Alvin Liow Alvin Liow
Country or origin: Singapore

MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I chose to study at UMKC because of my passion in pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship and innovation and also because the niche area for the Bloch School is in Entrepreneurship.  UMKC Bloch School is one of the nation's top ranked business schools, and their MBA program mold students to be a global leader in this competitive business world.  As we all know that Kansas City is on the rise of becoming the country's most entrepreneurial city, this signifies that students are able to tap on more resources while pursuing their degree in this city.  It also enables students to reach out and network with many other professionals and learn from their experiences.  Apart from the diversity and opportunities one can find on campus, the well balanced and healthy lifestyle make Kansas City one of the best cities to live in!