UMKC - International Student Affairs

 If you have not yet been admitted, please see the information for prospective students.

Arriving at Kansas City International Airport:

If you need transportation from the airport upon arrival we recommend contacting SuperShuttle.  SuperShuttle will allow you to book an airport pick up online or there are SuperShuttle kiosks in the airport near baggage claim.

Web resources to prepare yourself:

 Make contact with your international student association at UMKC.

 Check out some of our new downloads:

Important Medical Considerations:
  • PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: Medical Insurance companies will usually not pay for treatment of a problem that you had before you enrolled in their program, hence if you have a recurring medical problem that requires a doctor’s attention, it is important that you be checked and tested before you come to the USA.

    Bring an adequate supply of medication with you so that it will not be necessary to see a doctor during the first few hectic weeks of settling in. Likewise, bring copies of your doctor’s prescription(s) of your problem. Please remember, if you come to the USA with a pre-existing medical condition, you will most likely have to pay all costs incurred for treatment of that condition while you are here.

  • EYE CARE: At this time, a visit to the eye doctor costs about $45.00 to $100.00 USD and eyeglasses can cost $200.00 USD or more. If you have any eye condition that requires more than corrective eyeglasses, then there will be additional costs.

    To save money, have your eyes examined before you leave home and bring a copy of your prescription with you (written in English), so that you will not have to go to another doctor to replace lost or broken eyeglasses.

    Please note that the mandatory UMKC Medical Insurance does not cover the cost of eye care.

  • DENTAL CARE: Dental care in the USA is very expensive and it is not covered by UMKC student health insurance. If you have access to a dentist at home, we would suggest that you have your teeth cleaned and fixed before you leave.

    The mandated Medical Insurance plan at UMKC does not cover dental care.

    The UMKC School of Dentistry offers excellent Dental Health Care at a reduced rate for UMKC students if you need dental care in Kansas City.

    Please note that the mandatory UMKC Medical Insurance does not cover the cost of dental care.

  • IMMUNIZATION: It is important for you to bring a copy of certified medical documents that show the immunizations that you have had.
    We strongly recommend that you are immunized before coming to the USA.
    For International students, UMKC requires proof of immunization against:
    1. Measles
    2. Mumps
    3. Rubella
    If you have children and are bringing them with you, you need to have copies of their immunization record.

    If your children are eligible to attend school while they are here, they must prove that they have had the following immunizations before they will be allowed to enter school in the USA:
    Polio, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus vaccinations and a test for Tuberculosis.

When dates and places for information meetings for admitted students for upcoming semesters are announced, the specific information will be posted here.